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Summer sausage ?

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When you make summer sausage is there a ratio beef to pork you should mix. I was thinking maybe 10lb's of hamburger and 1 pork butt. Or do I need to add pork?
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yes i would add pork if i make a ten pound batch i use 7 pounds of beef and 3 pounds of pork i use pork butt
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I have used straight beef. The only thing is I used 80% lean burger. Not to fatty, still healthy, and just enough fat for flavor. I would not go any leaner then 85% it will have a tendency to dry out.
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Cool guy's thank's icon_rolleyes.gif
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Summer sausage is more forgiving than smaller linked sausage. I have even made straight venison Summer Sausage without added fat.

Don't rush the cooking phase; smoke low and slow ~160. Once the internal temperature reaches 120 I will increase the heat on the smoker to ~180.

Good luck

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Pork also adds a nice texture and flavor to SS.
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Good luck. Please post q-view of them suckers when your done. Thanks.
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Got some in the smoker now biggrin.gif
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