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Thanks for all of the info regarding this. This is what I love about this forum, ask a simple question and get good info back from everyone.

I just put my first but in the smoker and I hope to figure out how to post qviews of my progress today. wink.gif
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Kinda like beer can chicken, doesn't matter whats in the can, it offers very little to flavor of the bird, but may help with moisture.....a little bit.
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Thanks for looking up that info....interesting stuff. I was gonna say, "What about when ya grill?" but you covered it already,lol. I'm going to put a pan under my butts this week and do 'em like HOMEBREW'S. It's funny that we collect the fats and juice and mix it back in the pork and eat it but if the fats hit the coals and vaporizes into smoke and infiltrates back into the meat, it's a no no. I guess that's where it changes chemically into the nasties!
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