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New in PA

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Hey everyone, my name is Rennie and I'm in my 20's and live outside Philadelphia. Been cooking for most of my life and starting smoking on a gas grill last year. Found this forum when researching for my first smoker a few months ago and have been hooked ever since. I ended up buying a Camp Chef Smoke Valut 24" that I used for the first time last weekend to smoke some BB's using 2-2-1, and I couldn't be any happier with my purchase (same goes for my Jeff's rub recipe, money well spent). Thanks to everyone for all the great advice.

Picking up a fresh pork butt from my local butcher tonight and taking the day off to smoke tomorrow, hopefully I'll have some pics for everyone.
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welcome to SMF friend, youll find lots of great tricks and things here,
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Hi Rennie, thanks for joining us at the SMF. Congrats on the new smoker too!
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Welcome to a fantastic site and bunch of good old folks! Take the free 5 day e-course for a good foundation on this primitive and succulent art! Just holler if you need help.
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Welcome Rennie, I am from outside Philly as well. I shot you a private message too.

Enjoy the forum.
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Welcome to SMF! Enjoy the forums!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome aboard, I'm from Philly suburbia also! There is a ton of info here!!
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Welcome Rennie. Hope all ur smokes are a success.
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Welcome to SMF Rennie theres lots of good info and recipes around here. Congrats on that smoker I'll look forward to some reviews on it as I've had my eye on one for awhile now. Have fun and happy smoking
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Welcome to SMF!
Good luck with your butt!! Happy smokes!!
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Hey Rennie,

I used to live in PA (Pittsburgh) and moved back home to Indiana. Just started smoking meat myself about four months ago. Finding this form has been great. There is so much good advice and ideas in here that you will probably be smoking something new every weekend. Good luck in whatever you choose to smoke.
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welcome to smf rennie!!!! lookin forward to sharin some smokes with you!!!
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Welcome aboard Renne, get that butt cooking I'm hungry.
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That's great. JUMP right in and enjoy it. Welcome to the Smf family. Looking forward to the q-view of your smokes.
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