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Wow... charcuterie expert... with an emphasis on "char." OK, you're my NEW best friend! Yeah, it's mercenary, but that's just the way I roll.

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Is that something BBQ breathren share, or would I be viewed as too easy if I cough it up on the first post. Why buy the bbq if you can get the rub for free?
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Welcome to the forum Chef Boy, glad to have you here!smile.gif
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nope they will just hunt you down and water board ya for it..soooo,,make it easy on yer self and give it up on the 3rd post...

your avitar..your new grill?? I have one like it and love it..

welcome to de club...

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Welcome aboard. I will show you mine if you show me yours. Rub that is. Good luck and you will enjoy the back and forth and all the
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Welcome to SMF. This is THE place to be.
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Welcome to the best smoker site around...................
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I did it! ....... I........I.......................I posted the rub recipe on the recipe forum. all of my practice. all of my trial and error. with out fear of judgement or reprizal.

then I found SMF.

Now fear. sleepless nights. IS IT GOOD ENOUGH?!?!

thanks SMF! my stress free life gone!

Oh, worry worry.
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OK chef, what's a cardboard smoker?

Welcome aboard!
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First up, glad you joined us and welcome to SMF !!!

A hunch tells me you are going to like it here, my gut tells me we will like you being here. Your introduction is like a biography of many SMF members; so again, welcome.
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You take a cardboard box 30" h x 20" w & d
cut the bottom off.
tape the top up like your are sending it. then cut around the top on 3 sides about 1 inch down from the top; a big flapp door on top.
line the whole inside, every inch with HEAVY duty foil, using aluminum duct tape to attach it. do not use regular duck tape like the kind you fixed the toaster with.
about halfway up run 2 pieces of conduit through and put a rack on them. this is where you set the turkey
at the bottom you put an old roasting pan with some holes in the sides for air flow full of charcoal. then some bricks around that to set the box on for more air flow.
Now the ol' ECB doesn't look so bad, does it?biggrin.gif
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Welcome Michael. Glad to have another Chef here (not me but wish I was). I do love to cook though and try different things. Please post any of your faves even if they aren't smoking.
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