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I have to start by apologizing for this thread. I know there have been other threads on preburning. To be honest I have had a hard time sorting out what applies to me.icon_confused.gif I use a gosm widebody. I am now using chunks as opposed to chips. I have lump charcoal available. I plan on doing another butt within the next few days, I have decided I like hickory for pork (have used apple and cherry). I do have a little fire pit I can use for preburn. What is the simplest way for me to prepare some hickory chunks for my next smoke? Thanks for your patience.

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Old grills work great. Metal buckets work great, or just a sandy pit works ok.
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Moving to chunks was probably helpful, pre burning would be a total waste of time for your smoker!!
Keep it simple guys, this isin't rocket science!
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I agree with bubba, no need to pre-burn using chunks in a GOSM. I think the pre-burn applies more when using wood for fuel/heat source in smaller smokers.
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I appreciate the quick replies. I really don't want to over complicate things.

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just soak them for about 20 minutes and they'll do jjust fine
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Another soaker......PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif

Soaking just slows down the actual process of smoking!!
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Doesn't get much simpler than don't preburn and don't soak. LOL
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Oops, yep, now I see. GOSM...

Ignore my previous comment, I assumed you were using an offset of some type.
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I plan on a pre burn thursday nite for fridays smoke. I have a tractor rim and a grate that will set on top. So I will get a good fire going let her die down a bit place the grate on top and put the wood on. Then I think get the burnt wood into one of them ash buckets with a lid for fireplaces and just put the lid on. (Oh I can just here them now put a lid on it white clod.) WGAF
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I don't know how much room there is where the chunks go since I don't have a GOSM but I have found with my Afterburner if I put the chunk container over in a corner of the firebox away from the flame I have alot more control over the smoke. I did not have much luck with the juice can in the cutout right over the burner. The chunks flamed up pretty quickly -- even when it was topped with foil. But if I put the can on top of the grate and just adjusted its proximity to the fire I could get nice thin smoke without flameups.

Hope this helps.

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You have nothing to appologize for btw. This site is here for people to ask questions.
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Good luck Dmack. Like Bubba and Fat Back said. This leaves more time to sip a cold one.
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D if we didn't ask qustions how would we learn never feel bad for asking.
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Chunks are in the house...
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