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Beer Can Chicken

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I just picked up one of those gadgets to a chicken with a beer can. I was just wondering what you guys would recommend for prepping the chicken. I was thinking about just putting alittle rub on it, maybe under the skin if possible. But would anyone recommend brining it?
I plan to smoke it Friday after work with a fairly high temp, close to 300. Let me know what y'all think?
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Beer can chicken rocks.

Rub down the inside cavity, outside skin, and put some seasoning up top under the neck skin area.

No need to do a quick brine, but wouldn't hurt.

Beer can chickens are VERY moist.

Even instead of beer, (I prefer a dark beer myself) try apple cider too.
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Beer can chicken is great, although no different from Rotesserie chicken...IMHO. Doesn't matter what liquid you use, I don't really see any flavor transfer. I also think a grill will accomplish this better than a smoker will. And no, I never brine wink.gif
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i use apple juice in my holders but liquid is pretty much liquid,season inside the bird rub outside with some oil season it and i do work my fingers between the skin and breast and then sprinkle some rub in there as well.cause otherwise the rub won't penetrate the skin.
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you really have to watch a beer can chicken on a BBQ, yup done them many times..........for a 1+ hour long BBQ, the fat really starts to rain down from the chicken and you get alot of flairups if not carefull.

Maybe a 2 hour smoker, and finish on the BBQ.

I did the best dang chicken last weekend, chicken halfs, 3 hour bring, 3 hour smoke, 1/2 hour on the bbq, no other spice rub or seasoning, just the brine. BEST chicken I've done in years, sometimes it pays to keep things simple instead of throwing a dozen spices on it.
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Yep, you are correct, thats why fire is to one side and chicken to the other.

A water pan with foil beneath it will prevent any flareups.

High enough temps at 325º will crisp up the skin too

And without brining, it is still super moist. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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I like to make some garlic butter with my can chickens (I use Dr Pepper, but agree with above that I doubt I could tell what liquid was used in the final result). Just take about a half a stick of butter (softened temp). Mix about 1-2 Tablespoons of minced garlic. Add other spices to your tastes; I add chili powder and/or rosemary. Whip the mixture up really good.

Then grab a wad of your butter mixture and push it under the skin anywhere you can; especially on the breast meat. Try not to break the skin so the juices don't escape when cooking.

EDIT: I also add a couple apple fruit wedges in the neck cavity. This keeps some liquid from steaming out. It also adds a nice sweet flavor.

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dang flash thanks alot!! i just finished a flat ham samich at work,and then saw those great pics!!! now i sure nuff am hungry!!! lolicon_sad.gif
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I have to disagree about not brining. My wife and I both think a good brine makes a lot of difference. I grill the BBC, but off to the side, not over the coals, so no flare-ups. I turn the bird frequently, and baste the outside with EVOO with salt and ground black pepper. The EVOO browns up the skin very nicely.

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I love doing beer can... chicken, game hen, and my favorite turkey! I dont even buy one of those holders. I pull out a Dutch oven (8"-10" for chicken) do a simple pepper, garlic, onion, salt rub inside and out on the bird. remove a god swallow from the beer then put pepper, garlic, onion into the beer. last thing i put in the beer before "stuffing it" is one to two chipotle peppers. Sit the fowl into the Dutch oven (keeps the juices and makes rockin' gravy or broth for a later use) when cooked in the weber kettle it gets charcoal right around the Dutch oven and cooks up beautifully. for the game hen i use the tiny pineapple juice cans. for the turkey a can of fosters bitter is in order. and yes, i only use dark beer, my preference by far!
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I don't brine and love to do beer cans. Although, I started using a new stand. The first one I even did on it was the best bird I have ever done. The meat fell off the bone. No problem keeping it moist by any means.

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is that a bed pan?
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No, it's a ceramic pot for doing beer cans, LOL.
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Finished Product

On Friday night I picked up a 7.5 Roaster, rubbed it down and smoked it on the beer can aparatus. Turned out great! Thanks for everyone's advice.

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Great looking bird (and big, wow), I'm convinced he's posing in that second shot, LOL...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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