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Corned Beef! I Scored HUGE!!!!

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I was calling around to check prices on corned beef. Smiths Kroger 2.99, I couldn't get anyone to answer the phone at my local Albertson's (luckily) so I got one about 8 miles a way. I asked how much the corned beef was and he said "I have some that are on clearance because the due date is about to expire." I said how much? " He said 1.00 a pound." I thought I heard wrong and asked him to repeat that because I had a bad connection which I didn't. " He said 1.00 a pound" I said can you hold them I'll be right over. He said sure!

I back tracked about 8 mles and picked up 12 pounds for 12.00. Unbelieavable!!!!! Now, for the bad news if there is any, they are corned beef rounds, but hey, 1.00 a pound!!! When I got there, there was a different butcher that waited on me. He said hell, I would have bought them myself if I had known, oh well too late now!!

Then I stopped at Sam's for some black pepper corns. They cost half as much as the meat.icon_surprised.gif

I am a happy camper and will soon doing good old hot Pastrami!


I am so ready for this!

Stay tuned for a Pastrami QVIEW.
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Nice score!
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Really nice score, stock up cause the meat prices are about to be on a roller coaster ride ...
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Are you sure you bought those??

Do you recall actually seeing them?? PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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great score.. yes, spices seem to have sky rocketed. you see how much a little tub of nutmeg is?? my good ness..glad it ain't fuel for the jeep..
I am going to stock up if I see good spices on sale.
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Yikes?? HOW MUCH???
Spices are out of this world, but so had gas for my Jeep....where is that vegetable oil convertor kit??
Can't wait till ya post the q-vue....biggrin.gif
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I'm anxious to see how this turns out. Would love to try it myself sometime. Good grab!
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Smart A$$

As usual you are on my a$$ lol.icon_evil.gif I take it as a compliment, at least you are watching me. Thanks.

Yes I did, and I actually have the pics to prove it! Will post them when the camera recharges.

Remember one thing: I am not a professional smoker like you are? and I can always be corrected, including spelling.

I love when someone tries to discredit me. I have cooked 1,000's of slabs ribs in the restaurant in 8 years, and smoking just adds another step, no problem for me. But I can always learn more. That's why I am here, not only to learn, but to share what knowledge I may have.

Take care Bubba, I think you are a friend in disguise.confused.gif
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Ron you scored big did you keep looking over your shoulder waiting for someone to run up and tell you there was a mistake biggrin.gif
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LOL, I quickly went to the check out and got out now. I felt like a bandit!!!
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I think I will do some pastrami tonight.
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You better get those soaking......wink.gif
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As I type they are soaking.

I did a fry pan test last night and they were not salty. Tough as hell though, couldn't even chew it! A little TLC should do it I hope!
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try to get your hands on some juniper berries. I got a quart for a couple dollars. made 3 pastramis already and the bags still about half full. they really enhance the flavor
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Noobie question comming at ya...

How do you make pastrami???
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That was a score, the only thing better would have been they paid you to take them, LOL.
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Let us know how the corned beef turns out. Sounds tasty.
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That link doesn't work. So, to answer the question, you basically smoke a brisket that has been corned, like in corned beef. That's the easy way. You can also find corned beef rounds, that is what I have.

The hard way is to pump and cure a brisket with an appropriate cure for x number of days depending on the cure. Then smoke with various spices which can vary according to taste and recipe.

I tried to find some Juniper berries with no luck at the last moment.
Hope that helps.

I'll be posting the start of my Pastrami adventure here soon.

Thanks for asking,
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