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Smoker Stork?

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I just got home from a long weekend in PA for a family reunion, and sitting on my patio was a drum smoker! OK, it's still in the embryonic stage.

Me and the missus are registered at BabySmokers 'R Us.

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I know, these posts get weirder and weirder, but the cigar goes to flyin'illini.... Thanks for the delivery!
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Your a lucky man, weezer.
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Congratulations! Looking forward to the delivery. Take lots of pictures and try not to faint.
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Congrats!! Tell me Glen didn't give up his new drum?? wink.gif
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Nah, his is the wrong color (no offense). Let's just say that I'm shopping for some high-heat blue and white and a photo of JoePa for the little tyke.
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Congrats on the new delivery. Since ya mentioned the color don't be discouraged, there's still help! PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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yer lucky it wern't twins.. feedin those two would of broke ya..
you crack me up buck wheezer...
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Bubba, One question for you.....since this drum came from an auto parts plant it had paint in it. Will that be a problem after the burn-out? I think the burn-out will take care of everything as long as Buck W doesn't breathe those fumes in. biggrin.gif

The lid is not as heavy as mine I don't think. It does have a holder, though.

Buck, The sonogram was great. cool.gif

I can get more if these pass muster.
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Burn that baby good and then a lil elbow grease and you'll be fine!
AS long as the lid fits snug, make sure to remove the gasket!
Call me about the drums....wink.gif
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