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Everybody to Patty's house SHRIMP PARTY biggrin.gif
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Thanks BBQ.
The crawdads grow in the wild around here...I just have to catch em.wink.gif
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Come on over!biggrin.gif
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Careful Patty theres a bunch of guys just waiting for that invitation and all that fine cooking we keep seeing and we may never leave biggrin.gif
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lol...I aint' skeered.......ok maybe a little.
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Abelman-consolidated recipe....shrimp peeled, deveined, seasoned and smoked for approx 30min, canned mater sauce and lotsa cheese. Basck in smoker til cheese melts. Enjoy!

Cowgirl, never would have known about this thread if Piney didnt pm me and tell me he tried it. Hope you love it!!
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I've been checking out all of your shimp posts today DINGLE so I could give it a try.
I bet I DO love it! I'll take pictures for ya.
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Thanks, I'll piece it together. Thanks to Piney as well PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Just be prepared its quick with all the stuff that we smoke that takes hours this one is very fast.
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Now that's worth coming home to! Congrats on a great smoke.
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Yeah, I think I got it, the pics and your explanation on page 2 give me enough info to do this. Thanks again. Shrimp can be hard as they are fast so I appreciate the reminder. Don't want a piece of rubber on the dinner table.
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