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Second crack at Coutry Style ribs

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Second try at some country-style ribs, Picked up 22 lbs 2 weekends ago, buy one get one. First round went pretty well, although i think i used too much rub (Memphis style) and too much red pepper in it. So i swapped in some chilipowder. Also gonna mop these w some apple cider viniger to keep moist. will be using hickory, some cherry, and mesquite chips. foil after 140 then coming off at 170. Ill try to work on a "q-view"
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Good luck with the ribs. my first attempt at ribs turned out too dry, but I'm going try again using things I learned here. Should be good.
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I did about 6lbs of them a few weeks ago and I smoked them for about 4 hours then put them in a foil pan and covered them with Sweet Baby Rays and covered the top of the pan with foil. Cooked them another few hours that way and they turned out great. It was pretty much like pulled pork and not really like eating ribs but I thought it was awsome.
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I did some the Saturday before Father's Day. Spritzed them with apple juice/Lord Calvert mix. Smoked them with hickory til 165 then foiled (with spritz in the foil) to 185. Could have went higher. They were prety tender but could have been more so had I cooked them longer. They didn't last too long so I guess they were okay. wink.gif

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Second try at CS ribs turned out well. Started out with 3 hours smoke, 2 hours in foil, and 2 more hours w/o foil. Some thinner cuts were a little dry, but not too bad. I'll spritz these more next time. Rub was much better this time, flavor was more subtle yet bolder. I will definitely use mesquite chips again. Thinking of doing a brisket next, though it will be in two weeks because this weekend I'll be busy camping and watching NHRA final eliminations @ Norwalk. Sounds like a brats, burgers and beer weekend to me. PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Good for you the CS ribs turned out well. Mine are always a little dry but the guys at work love them. I think I need to spritz more and use the foil like I do on my spare ribs. I keep waitng on them to go on sale around here so I can try again, but the warden shut me down on buying meat until I clean the freezer out. Got 4 ribeyes coming tomorrow! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif Every try wings on the smoker? That's the only way the warden will eat them and she doesn't care for smoked food other than pulled pork.
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You guys do realize that country style ribs are just strips of pork butt right? Cook them like a pork butt and not ribs, you'll be better off!

Just wanted ya to know they are not ribs at all!wink.gif
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True you can take them to high internal temps, but I prefer smoking from 220 to 240 anywhere from 3 to 4 hours tops. Modified 2-1-1 or so depending on size.
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I just grill mine. Coat them in mustard, then apply the rub. Place on the grill for about 1 hour, 30 minutes/side. Cooked a bunch last night and they disappeared pretty fast.
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