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A Boston Butt question

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I've decided to try marinating a couple of butts in Captain Morgan and apple juice overnight on the third and put them in the smoker in the morning. Good idea or would using a rub and using the CM and apple juice as a spritz be a better idea?
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A Better expiment

Try this - marinade one and the other just prep normally. You may find a huge difference in tenderness. Pork shoulder has so much fat it really doesn't need a marinade.

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I mop- "Spritz"ing sounds too nancy for me ;{). I have never done a marinade on a butt. I HAVE injected, and always a rub. You'll find more flavor in the mop/spritz <cough> than the maranade, as it cooks down and adds to the bark, I'll bet.
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Too "nancy" Richtee???
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I say drink the rum, mop with cider.
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It just don't sound manly to "spritz" dude ;{)
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How about, "shoot a flavored liquid out at high velocity from a hand-held plastic anti-dryness weapon" ? more manly for ya? wink.gif
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oooo...yeah...that'll work! HAhaha!
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I think I would save alot of that CM and just use it as a spritz and drink the rest with some diet cola. biggrin.gif
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That says it all
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Now that's some funny stuff right there!!

I agree.....drink the CM with a splash of cola and mop/spray with the apple juice.
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All excellent advice!
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Well I would, but I don't drink. I quit in 1995 because I would have woke up in hell one morning if I hadn't. Needing a new vice (ya have to have a vice), I decided to adopt food as a vice. Anyway, I'm going to go with marinating one and a rub on the other and see how they turn out.
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Sounds like a good plan don't forget the Qview and tell us what your thoughts are between the two.
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Can't do a Qview just yet. No digital camera at the moment.
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ok we'll deal with a nice play by play like on the radio biggrin.gif
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