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UDS in Largo, FL

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Working on my first smoker, a UDS, just looking for hints and suggestions.

I went to Texas last year and was introduced to brisket, which is not available here... So I thought I'd better make my own. But I stumbled on the Fattie and now I see I'm going to be spending a lot more time with my smoker.
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Welcome to the SMF. Many were drawn in here via some desire for smoked meat that they could not get easily. (pulled pork for me). Welcome to your new habit. Lots of info here.

The 5 day e-course and Jeff's rub's are a great start to learn as well.

Here is a recent thread to dig through on building a drum smoker. There are some good links in it:
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Welcome! Am at work in Largo at the moment, but live up in Pasco.

Lotta info to be had here, enjoy! biggrin.gif
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I am originally from Detroit, Finding pulled pork down here is not a problem... Coney's are.
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I recently asked for the same information. There are alot of links and other info posted here by many people who have built uds's
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Weclome to SMF you'll find lots of good info around here. You will also find lots of good Qview and then you just gotta try this and that biggrin.gif
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Where did you find your barrel?
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Craigslist, a guy over in Tampa gets them from an ice cream factory, sells them for $20.
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Spam reported!

Can give me his contact info? Or I will give it to you to get to him?
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Yea if you would tell us where you got the drums I could use a couple good clean ones.
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Try Super Wally World I have been able to find brisket packers there in two diffrent towns here in florida. Welcome to the SMF
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Welcome to the forum from Riverview!
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Welcome. All things good here.
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Welcome, looking forward to some q-view
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I'm talking about brisket that somebody else has smoked, Smokey Bones has a sandwich and a dinner, but it kinda sucks and they slather it with sauce. Every other place I try hands you a plate of stringy, chopped up beef and they say it's brisket.

I can get whole brisket at Sam's Club at a pretty good price.
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