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bear claws (not the sweet things)

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Anybody ever heard of these. Look interesting anyway.
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Just got me a pair off eBay. I have not had a chance to use them yet. Been doing ribs. wink.gif
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I did look at them but am happy with a couple of salad forks.
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I have some and love them. They're great for shredding but also very handy in moving large cuts of meats as well.
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I basically use them for moving meat around. I'll tear a butt apart with them, but I prefer to use my hands when pulling anymore.
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I have a pair and use them all the time,I think they're great.
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I am definitely going to try them. I have always used either two forks or my hands. But, after shredding 16#'s of Pig yesterday by hand, I will try anything.

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Crap, now I want one, but I'm poor. Thanks. I'll have to pickup a pair eventually.
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I think they are a must have.
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got a pair for fathers day. great things to have. makes pulling so much easier and they are great for other stuff too. Definately worth it
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what abel said........we not only use for pulling pork, but i think we use em more for moving meat.........specailly can up the butt of a turkey......also ribs.......
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Ok I'm convinced I gotta get some now too my wife thanks ya'll for me spending more money biggrin.gif
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