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New guy in Lemoore, CA

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I was referred to this website on yahoo because either my smoker is having issues, or my in-experience is causing me to have issues. I'm active duty Navy stationed out here on NAS Lemoore. Look forward to poking around this site a little bit.

edit: I have a Char-Broil brand smoker with the side loader for charcoal/wood chips. I've also only been messing around with it for about 2 weeks but am very interested in this hobby. I'm from Memphis, TN and would like to be able to make at least as good a BBQ as what comes from out that way.

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where is lemoore?

with that said ~
Thank you so much for your service to our country. It is a privledge to have you here with us..
try Jeffs' 5-day couse...its free and a wealth of info!!
thx again
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Welcome,scheff2008, this is the best place on the planet to learn.

Good luck and take the 5 day free course offered here.
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scheff you have come to the right place.. Best site on the WEB.. Welcome to SMF.....
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Welcome to the SMF!! Appreciate your service to our country!! Former Army vet myself.
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Thanks for the replies. I am looking through the 5 day course already trying to absorb everything I can. Once again I look forward to what I can find out on this site.

Gooose53 - Army, in my opinion, isn't as good as the Navy but at least it's not the Air Force! oorah.
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Welcome to SMF you'll find lots of good info and recipes here. If you run into problems just ask and somebody will try to help. Thanks for your service to our country.
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Welcome to SMF! enjoy the forums!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome Will. Good things here at the SMF.
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Welcome, welcome. Lots of great people and advice here!
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Welcome to SMF Will. I hope we can help straighten out your problem and get you smokin'
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hey scheff ,
you got right in with it and, i didnt you are only 2 1/2 hours from me. WELCOME! your smoker is similar to mine and i have made the recommended mods from this site.
i'll answer your question from yahoo answers you emailed me in a few minutes.
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welcome to smf, stick around and we will have you smokin in no time!!!
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Thanks again everyone. I've already absorbed tons of great knowledge from here. I had actually surfed this site before, but was completly unaware of the forum portion of it.
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