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Thermometer search

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I am helping a friend with his new Chargriller and am looking for a place to buy grill thermometers at a reasonable price. Any help would be appreciated
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Ace hardware carries good digital as well as dial thermometers. I was looking at a dial type this weekend for 24 bucks.
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I just bought this one from Walmart this weekend, after seeing some people recommend it on this forum:

It's designed as a meat thermometer but the manual says it will measure temps up to 400F. Many people on this forum are using it as a grill thermometer, so I tried works just fine. For $15, you can't go wrong.
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Better foil your wires

If you don't the wires will harden and the circuit will open. I learned this after buying several probes. If it's just for your grill I would seriously check out a Tell-True. I use a guru and stoker myself but I used to use one of these.

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Wish mine had worked as well as yours. I had that same one and it didn't even last a day. Worked for about 15 minutes before the remote part died all on it's own.

I currently use a very cheap digital in my GOSM for the smoker temp, and use a Polder for the meat temp. The cheap one has lasted several months, but I tried to use them for meat temps and have gone through 2 of them in the last few months as the probe is not very well made and the wire eventually ends up coming out and giving wrong temps. Since I do not mover the Smoker temp one, it has lasted quite a while.
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I have 2 of those. Interesting thing. If I have both probes running, the receiver bounces between both temps so I only need to run one receiver.
Just have to remember which temp is which.
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what I am looking for is the dial type that we can drill holes in the grill and mount, Just looked at Walmart, Menards and Home Depot. No luck. My buddy bought a digital at Lowes in the grill department and it had rubber, probably silicone covering the leads going all the way up to the probes. dont think that will last too long
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I bought 2 of the dial type last week at Wal-Mart for ~$15 each.
7/8" hole. Which is the size of the hole on my Hondo, I bought 2 3/4" washers so I could mount one on my ECB in the stock hole.
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That's wierd that all the stores are out. Walmart doies carry a good one made by grillcare for $15.00

Home Depot normally carries a fairly cheap dial therm. Think they are around $8.00. have about a 2" face.

Also if you're into ebay, this guy has some good therms.

Hope this can help some.
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Maybe this will help:
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Maybe this will help:

Thanks for the link. I wll show it to him and let him decide.
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