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I have done brisket on my Weber previous to obtaining my Chargrill, and did ribs on my initial run on the new smoker. I have a roast sitting in my freezer and wonder what luck and tips anyone has had smoking a roast. Look forward to the recommendations.

FYI...looking to smoke this tomorrow on Monday my day off.
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What kind of roast? I use a rub of course, and tend to go to slice... not pull. but pull is good too! LAst one I did was sliced for French Dips Yummy!
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Theres a dozen varities of Roast's....how about a clue? wink.gif
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3lb rump roast. Sorry about that one guys. I know crockpot is likely better but figured if I cooked it low and used some combo of foil and juices towards the end, I could have some success.
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