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Is this a wood(good) smoker???? (Traeger smoker?)

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Been reading a lot about the Traeger Pellet Smokers. Are these considered wood smokers??? What do people think of these? I see they are expensive, but what do ya think of em????
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they are pellet munchers, and I like them alot. Saving for one myself
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Have one and love it. Very versitile can smoke, bbq, or bake with it. make everything from pizza to veggies, cakes, bisquits and best of all smoke meats.
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cakes eh????
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Yes cakes and cobblers!!!!
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Dang you sound like Terry LOL.
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I hope that good????
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Like to bump this one back up there, keep reading about these Traeger grills/smokers.... Hoping to hear some more first hand experiences with them?????????????
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My first experience with them was with my Dad's back in January really liked but wasn't so sure about having to buy pellets. I then chose to buy a Cookshack Amerique and had more problems than I care to re-live (note that is not the norm for those). After that I chose to buy a Traeger 125 and have been very happy with my choice. I've tried pellets by Traeger, BBQ'rdelight and I like the last better than the rest I feel I get a better flavor.

I mostly cook ribs and butts although I do cook the occasional burger, steak and so on. I can get mine to about 400 degrees but not much higher. If you want high heat you might take a look the new grill that Fast Eddy is coming out with, it will be produced by Danson out of Canada. He has a picture of it at but that is it, I believe it will be on the market in September.

If you have specific questions I'm happy to try to answer them. There is a specific community out there for us Pelletheads but it does not have the traffic or depth of this forum. Good luck with your decision.
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Im sure they turn out some good chow but in my opinion if you have to push the "ON" button, That aint smokin!!!
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I guess that is what the Amish say about us as we pass by "Son that ain't drivin' this is, Giddee up!"

Sorry, I couldn't resist no offense meant to you Smoke Freak. Everybody is entitled to their opinion.
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