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Hello from N. CA.

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Hello All -

Just got my first smoker (Masterbuilt electric.) The larger of the two models available.

I've been grilling and doing indirect cooking on my 5 burner BBQ for years, but always have trouble getting the temp much below 300F. So, took the plunge and got a new toy for the backyard. Time will tell if I got the right equipment or not.

I'm heavily into Harleys, woodworking, cooking (includes the outdoor kind too!), writing and hosting web pages.
By day I am a computer geek, working for a local major Christian radio network.

Motto: "If it is slower than me, it is food."
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Welcome aboard mate, what part of N cal you from? Harley riding and cooking are an interesting mix. LOL
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Heh nice motto...but it's not really conducive to bike riding... LOL! Welcome to SMF!
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Hey Flatbroke - Thanks for the greeting. Near Sacramento. Just keep in mind, bikers have to eat too! Might as well be good food...
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LOL, lotsa' tasty stuff if you ride fast enuf'. Besides it's not getting there, it's how you get there that counts. Always up for being on two wheels. Now, if I could just fit my BBQ & smoker in my saddlebags....
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Welcome to the smf.................
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Welcome to smf. Harley rider here too. You found the right spot to park the scoot and learn more about smokin'
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Welcome Hungry.
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Welcome to SMF!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome to the SMF!! They make small trailers you could tow behind the bike for your smoker......
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Sacramento here not a rider though.

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Welcome from So CA. Nice to add more west coast constituents to the mix biggrin.gif
Harleys and bar-b...very nice.
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welcome aboard- glad to have ya.
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Welcome to SMF. Glad to have you here.
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Welcome messenger,
Lets get in touch im down in tracy!
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We have a lot in common...
I just registered here on smf.
I just got the larger MES from Sams Club.
I too live close to Sacramento.
I like cook-in, computers, and Christ.
I also like a ice cold beer on a hot day, and usually get the money in a poker game.
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welcome delta!
sounds like we all need to get together for a somkin party!
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welcome to smf!!! there are quite a few MES owners here. cant wait to share some smokes!!!
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Welcome to the SMF boards!
That is at least 4 on here from the 916 area! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Smoke ON Brother!
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Welcome to smf. There's a ton of good information here, friendly people who'll give you tips.
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