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Today's Q-view new to me.

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After seeing these posts of stuffed loins I decided I had better try one. I was also planning on doing a couple fatties, but instead I went with a 5 lb chub of bologna. Two firsts for me, but they should be pretty good. I seasoned the bologna with some cookies seasoning, and the loin has got green peppers, mushrooms, sundried tomato's, pepperjack cheese, and prosciutto, basically the same as everybody else's.

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That loin look simply marvelous!
I am going to add that to my ever increasing "to do list", thx for the inspiration!
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Good looking loin ya got there, and the bologna fatty will be interesting to monitor. Keep up the great smokes!
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Taste's like bologna


Very good think I'll leave out the sundried tomatos next time though.
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great looking loin CG!!!!
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The vittles look great.
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nice cubby.
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I have to try the bologna. Can't stand it plain anymore. I love it fried on a sandwich with a ton of mayo. I guess the taste wore out when that was all we had to eat, but smoked sounds good.
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Nice looking grub!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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