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First brisket

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I plan on doing my first brisket tomorrow. I have found some very good threads for some smokes with much information gathered in one place (the pulled pork for example). So far it seems the brisket advice is fairly well spread out. I was wondering if anybody could give me some advice. I just need the basics: rub or marinade or both, desired final meat temp, smoker temp, spritzing or not, should I rest it when done? I appreciate any help you are willing to give. Oh yeah, your wood of choice for brisket.

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Smokeyokie Sear method

Hey Dmack!
Search the smokeyoike sear method, it will give you all your info..
As far as a rub, Jeff's rub is perfect!
Happy brisket!!
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Check out Jeff's suggestions on smoking a brisket.

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