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First Time Fatty

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Well, today I jumped in there and did it -- two fatties at one time, the first I've ever tried (hadn't even heard of them until I met you guys a few days ago!). One was a Mexican, but since there ain't no Choroizo sausage chubs around here to be had I had to make my own (found a recipe on Google). Then I made up some pico de gallo, but couldn't find no Panelo cheese, just used Mexican four cheese mix -- OK, not what I would call the best.
Then I made one that I'd call a "Southwestern" -- lots of onion, green pepper, potatoes, jalapeno and cheese (cheddar and mozzeralo).
Wasn't real happy with the "roll", but they stayed sealed and came off the GOSM at three hours at 167.
Served with guacamola, sour cream, refried beans and was declared by the wife of 50 years and my astute dinner company (daughter and son-in-law) to be good for another 50. What the hey else can a man ask for.
Thanks to you all.
Dave in Florida
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Dave!! Dave!! Dave!!
no pix???
You know what they say?? no pix it didn't happen....
But thanks for the Longanezawink.gif idea....yum!

wink.gif (spell check)
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Well Goddess, I do apologize for not visually exposing my handiwork, but being so busy doing absolutely nothing in my retired mode has made it difficult for me to find the time to shoot 'em, load 'em, ect., BUT I will learn how to do that here on this great site for future reference.
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Sounds like a great combo, Dave! Smoke on....
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Dave, with 50 more good years awarded to ya, I can just imagine all tha fatty goodness you'll be cranking out!!
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good job buddy, my first ones were the other day also, wife wanted to lick the plate
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Happy Smoke Rings from Sedalia, MO to another "Fattie Hero?" Just get those pictures and receipes coming.
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