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brisket and turds

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I'm in the process of smoking a 12lb packer brisket and 2 dozen buffalo turds. Just relaxing in the backyard with my partner in crime and some cold beer. Enjoying this beautiful Saturday evening. Thought I would snap some q-view so yall could enjoy it with me. Notice theres a few turds missing already. PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif

My partner in crime. Always looking for scraps.

Almost ready to foil. I know what your saying....light beer......well, I'm watching my weight.

Heres my pee-can wood gettin ready.
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Don't get any better than that ! ENJOY!
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sweet looks awesome what a day huh?
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What a beautiful companion!
I am watching my weight too...I just don't eat all week! j/k! biggrin.gif my driver is not sponsered by Bud I am off to many a new light beer...wink.gif
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OK I give....What are Buffalo Turds?????
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"atomic buffalo turds" stuffed jalapenos!
you will be so hooked..try one..or twenty!! lol!
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Looks great, but not enough abt's in there.....LOL
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Things looking good at your house.
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Wonder how many turds will be left at the end of the smoke icon_biggrin.gif... Great lookin grub, looks like it is doing what ya want to... Great job..
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read all about em
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Great looking grub!!! Nice work!! kool lookin pal ya got there too....
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Lookin good. What better way to spend a summer night.
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it looks so fine so verry very fine!!!! lol great job!!!
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Great looking brisket smoke! We gonna get to see the inside of that?!?
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nice job buddy, I am gonna have try try this brisket
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