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Spare Ribs

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Hey guys I have a couple of questions,

First how far will one rack go if I have some taters with them will one rack feed two people or should I smoke two?

And if I spritz with pineapple juice will it burn should I cut it with water\vinegar? (I have only used apple in my past smokes wanted to try something diff)

Is there a reason I have to trim spare Ribs or can it be done hole with good results?

Whats a simple good rib rub I have many store bought ones but they don't have sugar in them and from what I read most home made rubs do?

I know kinda long winded but thanks for any help

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Here is today's ribs. Slow and low is the trick.
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I agree with TH sometimes I just Smoke the ribs just the way they come except I always pull the membrane. Flash's rub looks good and I bet tastes very good as well. Good luck and happy smoking
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That is a good rub. I am surprised with all the sugar it in.
When I am ding two racks, Jeffs goes on one, this rub on the other.
One rack should do you zug, of course, if you are a big boy maybe not. wink.gif
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