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Spares & Beer Butt Q-Vue

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Today decided to give the ribs a try again....Perfection... almost falling off the bone and melting in my mouth.... last try was chewy as hell.... bought higher price ribs, the film came off much easier.... trimmed of the spares...ate the trimmings as I went and am very pleased.

also did anothe beer but chicken and turned out better than usual, but still good as usual. I love em!!

Did spares instead of baby back, due to BB being $6 #...Yikes... anyway here you go.

sorry for the crappy quality pics

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I remember your last ribs fireguy. Looks like these blew them AWAY! Glad the "bad" ones didn't discourage ya! Any chance ya got some closup sliced pics? My guess is no if ya cooked these up at the firehouse (image of tossing a bunch of meat into the hound dog pen)
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Fireguy. they look lip smackn good! Keep up the good smoken dude.
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Looks outstanding PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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They look great!
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FG, still good lookin grub, change that great lookin grub!!!
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Fireguy ~
Way yummie looking yum,yums!! I was debating on if I should do my chix beer in the have definately made the decision for me...oh yeah!! The chick looks so wonderful! Great Job!!biggrin.gif
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sorry dude... though it wasnt at the fire house.. I again neglected to take the action photos... one day ill get it, sorry!!!
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Nice job.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

BB's are 6.00 a pound? Yikes!
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Wow nice pull back, I think Im gona try spares againicon_smile.gif
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Nice job fireguy.
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Nice lookin grub there fireguy!wink.gif
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good looking ribs&butts good eatting
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Nice job (drooling on my keyboard) Fireguy.
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