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opinions on Pork Butt

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what I do is Brine it in apple cider vinegar and Kosher salt for 24 hrs. I inject it with the same brine. After the brine I rub with Brown Sugar, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Kosher Salt, Coarse Black Pepper, Paprika, and Chili Powder. I smoke it for 4 hrs at 225 open then foil wrap it for 3 hrs at 200 then 2 hrs open to the smoke at 200. So far it has turned out absolutely mouth watering. Any opinions on this technique and how I can make it better? I am using an Oklahoma Joe smoker
Thanks for you input.
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i think the brine a matter of opinion, i have only done one butt so am not an expert, the rub sounds like it would be good. the biggest thing i see is everything on your smoke is done on a timetable. you really ought to rely on the internal temp of the roast to determine when to make your moves. everything may have worked out in the past but have had a butt that hung up for a loooong period, have heard others say they have had smokes with no plateau. suggest a digital thermometer like a maverick or your choice and ck it with boiling water for accuracy.
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gotta agree with erain there coach. Base all your moves on internal temp. Just curious, why do you do / where did you learn you method of 4-3-2 hours?
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Agree wholeheartedly on the "going by temp" method. I have done several butts and every one of them has taken difeerent amount of times. Also, I have never brined one before as they usually have plenty of fat which equals a juicy taste. However, I do spritz with the Apple Juice to moisten the bark.
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I agree with jack I never brine-but all mine for pulled? not sure of yours
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Brine i find not necessary, injection is always a plus, if your internal temp is what you want at the end of the 9 hrs, i would say don't change a thing!! wink.gif
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the method was taught to me by my great brand pa. it can be adjusted a little, but not much. It usually turns out pretty dang good. I pull the pork usually, but sometimes chop it up.
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Coach sounds like it works for you and thats what matters I like the others like to go to 200* internal for pulling. This also makes the results more repeatable for meats that have long plateaus vs those rare times it doesn't plateau at all
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It works for me so far, but I am no master. That is what I am hoping to get to. Thanks for the replies, keep 'em coming please. Also, what changes if it is ferral?
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I guess I am with the majority here. Then again we all have or own style and what works for one doesn't work for others. Sometimes I foil and sometimes I don't. All depending on what time I bark I am looking for. I also use Bad Byrons Butt Rub cause I am to lazy to make my own lol. But with Butts I have never had a dry one yet. All have been moist and no two cooks have been the same. I have injected once but I must have done it wrong didn't like the result so I never have tried it again. I also smoke them at 250 to 275 is what I find works best for me. Now my neighbor goes lower and slower.
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The last butt I did I used Jeff's rub and waited till the internal temp reached 200 deg. I didn't brine it or inject it and it was full of moist meat. I think the rub really helps seal in the moister. Just my 2 cent worth.
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What is Bad Byrons rub made from? where can I look at it?
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This will take you to his web site then you can look for a dealer near you. Be prepared to find it in the least likely spot. I get mine a Buff's Car Wash in Port Huron , here in Michigan.

It has a little kick to it not to much. Also he has won comps with his rub also. I pretty much use it on everything from eggs to potatoes, poultry, jst about everything.
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