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A sorry A$$ Thermometer...Qview

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So I bought this sorry A$$ thermometer at Wally World about a few weeks ago.

Well, let me tell you, this little piece of sh!% ain't worth the plastic it was packaged in. After only 4 smokes, look at the wire and insulation.

Oh! I think I have found the problem

So, for all of you, beware of this little fella'.

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Hmm Ahhss-hoool'z!
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Well I have had the Nu Temp thermometer going on 3 years now and couldn't be happier. I have the 3 unit wireless and its the best $80.00 I ever spent. I use 1 probe for monitoring my heat and the other 2 I will use in my meat. I have added the url below hope its right. you will not be sorry with this probe.

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I have 5 of these they are a Taylor Weekend Warrior and are available from Walmart online and Lowe's. I have dropped all of them at least once and they all still work.

I also have a few digital remote ones but find they are all on the same frequency which makes it a pain when using more than two at a time
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I went to Lowes and bought a remote one which is quite nice. Lets just see how long he lasts. I should probably break down and buy a nice one though.
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I should too that remote one is probally the same one I have as well they work good as long as not trying to run to many of them at the same time
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This is the one I am using now,

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Thats it I have about a half dozen of them between here and camp they work good
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My Nu Temp allows me to all 3 wire less remote. I have hard time keeping them apart til I got smart and wrote numbers on them. After calibrateing I also put the difference they was off. My batterys lasted almost 2 years before I changed them out.
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Brentman- I have one of those and so does Gramason, we found if you get around other ones like it.... you get readings from all of them.... we found this out at a comp. the solution is put it in the holder and wrap a little aluminum foil around it leaving only the display screen showing.....

other than that it works well.....
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looks like the probe wire has been shut in the door or lid one too many times.
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Yeah, and that equaled 4 times.

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I've had a charrington remote therm for three years now. Was a b/day pressie from the wife. Read closer on the back and saw it is an ET71. Probe wire has been shut on many a time. Still works awesone and i think i've only changed batteries twice.

I do need another one but am waiting till funds allow the purchase of an ET73.
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This happens to all probes

This will happen to all probes if you aren't going through a vent/drill hole. The first thing one should consider before laying out $$$ for a therm is if it possible to get REPLACEMENT PROBES because they WILL go bad. This is what I did when I got mine at William Sonoma.

Also, I see from that "what do you do" thread that alot of you are in construction and fabrication. Do you know of a source for that braided stainless cord like the picture above?

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Yeah, I kinda' figured that out the hard way. Now that i have a GOSM, I just put the probe through the side vent holes.
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Heh, just keep your tinfoil hat on, and the CIA can't read your mind.
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Foiled probes

Here's a pic of foiled Guru pit probes.
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this one sux too.

I bought two of these at the same time from the Wally. Neither one of them worked!

Next time I buy the Maverick.

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Got three of the same cheap wally world ones. Prolly got em cause they WERE cheap! They work great for me, but I don't have a door-slammin rig...
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got a maverick, says made in china right on it. dont think any of these will take a sharp lid cutting on the 22 ga wiring. anyone got a usa made one?
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