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boston butt plateau ?

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i was wonderin if the internal temp plateau comes around a certain temp, or is it just come at different temps depending on the size of the meat?
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It varies mine usually hit in the 140's and sometimes 150's but can happen anytime
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My take is it happens right around where Piney says...it's the point of the proteins denaturing, and the connective tissues breaking down. Also, coincidentally, smoke ring formation ceases around this temp.
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i noticed that my temp was going up pretty quick. just wanted an idea of when it would hit. i think my plateau is happening now around 150*.
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What is the internal temp of your smoker? If it's around 225 then the spike in temp may be fine, but it will hit that plateau. A few of mine that were done recently hit the plateau at 152 deg and sat there, even dipped to 150, for around 2 hours, then started to rise again.... just keep it low and slow and you will be mightly rewarded!
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Good advice from others so far, it's spot on. One thing to keep an eye on is to make sure you're water pan is full or has water.

I've forgotten a time or two only to see the internal in the meat spike because the smoker is spiking icon_evil.gif .
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Mr. smarty pants.......

And yes, it is possible that you'll not hit a plateau, i've had butts n briskets that didn't stall!
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This is why I like this site. Ya' just don't get this type of info elsewhere.
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you aint kiddin there brent, if stuck on plateau resist temptation to bump heat. it will pass like a migrane in time. and when it does you will be so glad u didnt!!!
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Rich, you ROCK! Another thing I learned from you that I won't ever be able to explain to anyone. I was just gonna say that my butts also plateau in the 140-150 range
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