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Great to be here! I just bought a "Char Grillin" Grill with an offset firebox. I did Beer butt chix for my maiden voyage last night. It was hard to get the temp up at first (150 or so was as good as it got) but as I messed with it I got a steady 225! The chix were fantastic and I am hooked! The only problem is the time involved. I'm afraid to leave the smokers sideconfused.gif . Any help on achieving AND maintaining temps would be good. I know about the Minion method and would rather not have to modify rhe smoker. At any rate......let the smoke roll!
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Glad to have you join us here at SMF. Plenty of people here with your smoker so I am sure they will be around soon to check in, welcome you and offer suggestions.

A general suggestion would be to realize smoking requires a certain committment to tending the smoker. Grab your favorite adult beverage and enjoy the tbs.
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Welcome to SMF! Are you using a good quality lump type charcoal? Bricks suck. Lump will help a ton in keeping temps higher and mose consistant.
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lump charcoal

I did use lump (not sure about the quality). I had to use almost a whole bag for 2 chixPDT_Armataz_01_04.gif . I did however notice that the grill stayed at 200 for about an hour and a half after I was done. Is this amount of coal normal or did I just get carried away?? Thanks. You all are awesome!
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Lump does burn quicker (and hotter) then briquets. Royal Oak is a popular brand and seems to be one of the better lumps available, especially the made in the USA variety.
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Mighta got a bit excited LOL...You do any mods to that puppy yet? A charcoal basket will help ALOT. Royal Oak seems to be the lump of choice... Cowboy brand is the bottom of the barrel many included.

Look into getting a basket made of expanded metal for the coals... here's a start:
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Hi tpicki,
I am going to suggest you get a charcoal basket that keeps the ash away from the coals lets the air flow thru underneath and also gives ya room to get in under and scoop out and ash that my be piling up.
I have seen a few post where people have gone to Lowes and bought one of those square bbq veggie cookers and used that for the basket. You would need to check the size however...
here is a great pix of a basket, thx to T.H. & Richtee
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Welcome Tpicki, Keep at it. Good smokes ahead.
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Welcome to the forum!
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Welcome to SMF, glad you joined us !!!

Take the time and do the modifications, it will make monitoring your new Chargriller less of a chore, help produce a better quality smoke and shorten the smoking time on your smokes.

Majority of the modifications are simple fixes, here are a few threads on it.....


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welcome to smf!!!
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Welcome to SMF! Glad you found us!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome to the SMF!! if you havn't already - Check out the 5 day ecourse... its full of great info, only takes a few minutes a day and its FREE.... There are lots of friendy folks here- all with different levels of experience that love helping new folks out--- so if ya have questions ask away! Check out the mods folks have already mentioned...they really help... don't go by the thermometer in the lid they are usually 100+ degrees off... get yourself a good digital....Enjoy!
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