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Tough ribs :(

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Tonight I smoked a spare rib, trimmed to St Louis style and tips- The ribs were rubbery, and the tips were very tough and dry on the outside, and chewy inside- I used the 3-2-1 method, however I could not keep the GOSM under 260 without opening the door-

Is the hight temp the reason for the craptacular meal?
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IMHO probably. First 3 you need low heat for smoke, then they need to braise in foil w/liquid to make tender. 3 hours at higher temp uncovered would definately make them tough. More like drying them rather than smoking.

But this is only my opinion, others may have theirs. In the restaurant for 8 years I never cooked above 225' covered w liquid. Other joints boiled them yuk, put them on charcoal etc. No one had tender ribs like ours I was know as the place for ribs, not bragging, just the truth.

Hope this helps.
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And also, was there any pullback on the meat for the bones. Atleast a 1/4 of an inch. No pullback would go with what tex stated.
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in my experience and I am new, the true thermometer is the meat. I have had three digi's and each time they are off from my oven thermometer. The meat should tell you when its done, give the bone a twist and see if it's set or if it is forgiving. When its forgiving its done!
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Yer right there Baker. Ribs really can't be probed reliably...too thin/too much bone.
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Any ideas on how to keep the temp down? I've had this smoker for a good 8-9 months, and never had a problem with keeping the temp low- yesterday was the first time.
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Seems some use a needle valve setup in addition to the regulator... Summer time means pit temps go up.
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i had to cut the reg off my smokeer and put a new one on wiht a neadle vale and i am thing of puting a presser gage on it to ......mine would get way to hot also
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Is there a link someone can send me on the needle valve? Is it attached to another regulator, or does it go in line with the hose?
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I had the same problem with my GOSM until I did this mod. Works great for me...


Good luck in what ever you try...
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well what i did was i went to hardware shore and got a reg from a the mr. heater stuff and i thought that would work becouse it had a nobe on top i could open and close but it ened up not being able to ajuest enogf so then i had to put a tube going off of that to a neadle valve and then to the rubber house after that .......it took a lot of running and talkeing to people to get it where i like it now but .........that is what i did i dont know where to get it off the internet sorry but if you have a coop that dose a lot wiht propain or seomthing like that they should be able to help you out
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In one day I have come across the two best posts I have ever heard, this one is # 2. EHHHH!
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hey baker 2828 what was the best ?????
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your descriptive use of the canadian language and spelling. Not trying to make anybody mad just thought it was comical, sorry if I took it the wrong way.
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ya im at work so i dont really go back and read what i say i really should ............ i dont really care lol
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don't its great not trying to poke fun, I thought you were making an effort to sound like a canuck, if not I apologize for pointing it out. Either way I still think it lead to great conversation!
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ill keep it comeing .....a
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well i am pertty close to the border maby it is rubbing off and i dont know it ..a
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Love those accents , my Mom, oldest of 6 ,born and raised "up there" Married my Dad out of nursing school and has lived in NYS for over 50 years since then. She Usually sounds like a central NY resident , but a weekend visit to Guelph , or a visit here from one of my aunts or uncles and it takes about a week ( and they say "about" different ) for Mom to loose that re aquired accent , and a couple weeks to stop adding the EH? to the end of a statement . icon_rolleyes.gif
Love my Northern neighbors and familly cool.gif
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