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Greetings to all from Aurora CO

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My name is Jim. I have been a barbeque grill user - both gas and charcoal - for many years but have only just recently become seriously interested in smoking meats. I have a Weber gas grill and a Weber kettle charcoal grill. I am testing the waters with the kettle and avoiding the gas grill for smoking. I purchased an assortment of kiln dried wood from Wood King.

My first attempt at smoking was about 7 on a 10 scale - smoked chicken quarters. The results were good but I anticipate a lot of growth as I learn from all of you here in this forum. It is great to have a resource like this.

Best regards to all,
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Jim, welcome to the forum. Glad to have you aboard!smile.gif
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Jim - glad to have ya aboard SMF. I was also strictly used to grilling meats and veggies before receiving a charcoal water smoker (ecb) for a Christmas gift, and have been using that thing almost every weekend!! Have learned everything I know about smoking meats, to this site.

May I suggest signing up for the free 5-day eCourse offered by the Mod and Admin of this site, Jeff. It's all the foundational stuff needed to get your smokes off the ground. Throw those questions ya got out there, and we'll all be happy to help!

Welcome! biggrin.gif
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Jim welcome to SMF you'll find lots of good info and recipes here.
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welcome, your in the right place!!!
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welcome Jim-sumo has u covered-and we all real friendly in here-glad your aboard.
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Welcome aboard, another CO smoker, cool!
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Welcome to SMF!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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welcome to smf. great people and advice here. cant wait for you to share some smokes!!!
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You kknow it JTD, each smoke brings you closer to the level you are trying to accomplish. You learn fun things along the way.
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Welcome Jim to the best BBQ site on the web!!!!! If ya have a question just ask and I guarentee ya someone will pop in with a answer for ya. These are some of the smartest/nicest people you will ever talk to. I wished there was a central place everyone could meet someday. People in here are like a big ole family... Again welcome to the SMF...
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Welcome aboard, you'll be running soon.
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Welcome JTD!
Happy smokin' with lots of amazing people and inspiraion..PDT_Armataz_01_38.gif
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Welcome to the SMF!! Check out the 5 day ecourse... its full of great info, only takes a few minutes a day and its FREE.... There are lots of friendy folks here- all with different levels of experience that love helping new folks out--- so if ya have questions ask away! Enjoy!
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Welcome to SMF Jim, glad you joined us
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Welcome to the forum Jim! Your grills don't realize it yet, but they're on the manifest to the mothball brigade!
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