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mine had that beige coating on it to and yes it is tough, after i burned mine out with pallets i hit it with an angle grinder with a wire brush to get rid of what was left
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Doesn't matter what it was, get in there and sand, grind and wire wheel until bare metal, then your good to go! wink.gif
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im in your area, could you get me one?
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Yo vlap...check it, these are in largo...no too far from ya...

I would be all over them but I'm getting married in a few weeks so I'm broker than broke.
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Galvanized barrel

Hey UDS'ers

I have the chance to get my hands on some barrels but that are galvanized tin. Are they safe? Thanks.
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negetive . nothing galvanized. gives off poison fumes
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Thanks for the heads up. Guess it back to square 1. lol
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Just found a place that has a few barrels that had 10w40 motor oil in them. I can burn that out, right?

These are steel barrels, not galvanized.
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yeap..........in fact the oil will help in the burn out............some folks will tell you, that a barrel that had oil in it, is a no-no........but during the burn out, the barrle will reach temps over 500 degrees........that pretty much will take care of everything..........
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You should be able to burn that out. Try to get as much out before burning it out.
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gorilla.........there has been several posts here on the galvanized........in order for gal. to give off fumes, it has to reach temps over 700 degrees......doubt your barrel will ever reach temps that high doing smoking.......
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What about resin?

I saw this post and was wondering about barrels I found that had resin from the spray on bed linings for trucks. Yea or Nay on that?

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just in case..........here's some more info on zinc, which is used in galvanized steel


i have read where several folks have made smokers outta a galvanized garbage can........
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Well W.D. , I had not heard or read of the 700 degrees. Glad I checked this forum and got that post.Leaves a lot more options for building a drum as far as what to use as a ash pan e.t.c. . Thanks for the info.
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not sure if anyone in the Central Fl area is looking but i found some on Craigslist http://orlando.craigslist.org/grd/1491855230.html

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Have been wanting to build a UDS for a while now and finally found a place where I might be able to get a barrel.
About 30 minutes from here and only $15!
Though I am going to call the newspaper factory and try a bakery and see what they have going on.
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http://louisville.craigslist.org/grd/1497437956.html I found these..cant beat em for 6 bucks if you're in the louisville area..I think I'll go get me one
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Paint it Blue and White.
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Just be sorta carefull a what was in em. Most things can be burned out, but some stuff I'd pass on. Some barrels have a liner which can be burned out, but is a fair bit a work, but doable.icon_mrgreen.gif
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Sorry if this is a stupid question, but how do you add more charcoal to a UDS if your temps start to drop?
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