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Here is my parts list. I'll answer any questions I can.

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I forgot. If you have a bakery or a micro brewery around call and see if they have drums. I have a buddy who works for an italian foods distributor and he has 10 coming in full of olive oil they will give away once they empty them out.
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Here's some pics of various parts on mine and how I did it. I've posted some of these before but I'm too lazy to find where.
The intakes are 3/4". I have two of them and it has worked perfect for me on heat control.
As for the intake valve shown, I have since replaced the nipple shown with a shorter one. I've also replaced the "bolt" legs on my charcoal basket with 1/2" round rod three inches long welded for the feet.
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Danbury - those are some great pics, thanks for posting them.

Vlap - I live on the east coast of FL and saw a few 55-gal drums for sale at a local small-town hardware store. May even be able to check out a few feed stores to see if they have some.
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More great info rolling in! Thank you all! Please keep it flowing. Links are great along with any advice you care to type!
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I don't know how much it would cost with regards to shipping, but Uline is where I got my drum at. Fortunately my son works there and I was able to get mine with his employee discount. Normally without shipping they are almost 80 bucks. If you can't find something locally, you may want to consider this as a last resort.

Here's a link to their drum page (open top is what you want). Please note that the Drum interior is coated with a corrosion inhibitor. When I broke mine in, I coated the inside with a thin film of peanut oil then sacrificed an entire bag of lump charcoal with a couple small logs of oak on top for almost a 24 hour non stop burn break in. I never let the temperature get over 300 degrees.
By the time it was done, the entire surface was coated with the "smoke residue" and looked mighty fine.

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Do some searches for anything on UDS's from "bbq bubba". Most of what I did was by looking at what he did.
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for those that need a TOTAL step by step instructions with pics

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here is a step by step guide with pics from the brethren

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Thats the best link your gonna find!!
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See what ya started ? ... biggrin.gif
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youtube video on building one.........also......look to the right.......there are some other good links on these uds's

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Dude, you given up on that offset?

I built a drum type smoker about 10 years ago, used it twice and a guy here in town wanted to buy it, sold it and never built another. may look into building one again.
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Shame ya dont live closer Vlap... got a guy here they call the barrel man.... got mine fore ten bucks with the lid and ring.... he has tons of them.... they had apple juice concentrate in them....

I am pleased to introduce you to "Ole Glory"

my one piece of advice - after you build her... put some never seize one the pipe threads at the intake caps.... after being outside for a while i couldn't get three of the caps off... had to use two pipe wrenches... and i only put them on hand tight...

If you have any questions during your build give me a PM... be glad to help... I got all the info to build this one from BBQ Bubba and Gramason....
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Thanks again to all of you. The search is on and I have great ideas for building my uds. Just have to find a drum. Got an email out now waiting on a response.
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Found a drum that had a plastic resin in it. Would this wash out or burn out?

I have no desire to get sick...
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I think I would want to know more if it was some kind of resin. Is it "set" or is it still pliable?
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I will send an email and find out...
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Vlap, from what i have been reading at the breathren, you burn it out........by either using a weed burner on the OUTSIDE, or building a HUGE fire in it........
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I wouldn't take any chances. Burning out a drum is pretty easy. Light a chimney of charcoal and put it in a basket in the bottom. Fill the thing with as much wood as you can afford. Open the intakes full bore and let the fire eat. It will require repainting that outside, but IMHO, that's the only way to know for sure it's safe on the inside.

I use Hedge to burn mine out here in Missouri, but I'm guessing you are lacking that down in Florida. Not sure of a local wood that burns hot down there. You aren't looking for smoke flavor here, just heat.
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