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First Brisket Smoke

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Well last night I went to the local butcher and picked up a six pound brisket for Saturday. I rubbed it down and it is currently in the fridge, I am sick with anticipation. I had a couple of questions that I haven't really settled on for myself, and I know everyone has their own method but I would like to get a general idea of what I should do.

1. How long into the smoke should I wait until I start to mop?

2. At what temp should I foil and how high of a temp should I take the brisket to until I rest it in a cooler? I am going to slice it.

3. What are you guys paying for your brisket? I payed $4.59/pound and I thought that seemed a little high since it isn't a real choice cut of beef, but I don't really have much of a point of reference.

Q-Vue to follow.


oh yeah I am also throwing on some of Dutch's Baked Beans, I made some last weekend and they were AWESOME!!!
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Total smoke took about 12 hrs Fathers Day
6# center cut brisket cost around $20
Rubbed the night before and left in the 'fridge
After 2 hours I started spritzing every hour with Apple Juice
At 160 I foiled with apple juice, pulled it out of foil at 190.
At 200 I pulled it off the smoker. I forgot about the cooler, but let it rest for 1/2 hour before slicing.
It was very juicy, and a big hit with everyone. You could cut it with a fork.

And of course Dutch's Beans, ABT 's and a fatty... LOL

It was my first brisket. Hope this helps.
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I foil at 6 hrs or so cooking at 250. Wet mopping with apple/ apple ciders.
I like Cherry smoke best. I cook until 190 or 200 when said and done. I also have cooked to 180 put in the ice box then the next day into the oven at 200 to 200 darn good eats.
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pa that sounds pretty expensive could be the area you are in...but i bought a packer cry o vac 13 lbs for only 25.00 bucks
but what i did was threw it on and smoked for about 6hrs then foiledfor 4 hrs and then back on without foil for about 2hrs to set the bark and in the cooler for 1hr and it was awesome great bark and flavor , juicy , man makes my mouth water talkin about it.....hope you have good luck...i imagine your brisket will take about 6-7 hrs total at 250-275
post them qviews too
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Brisket price

I pay $1.99 for whole packers up here in Vermont. You are getting ripped off.
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I bought a couple briskets about a month ago and they were 1.69 lb went back today and they wanted 2.49 lb asked about volume discount and ended up buying a case of six for 1.89 lb. I also start spritz after hour and a half to two hours. As for methods here is a link follow it and it'll be good

Good luck and post us some Qview
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Thanks everyone for the input.
I had a feeling that was a little high in price, but the butcher shoppe I get it from is kinda on the expensive side but always great quality.
Can't wait for tomorrow morning to roll around!!
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Here is the Q-view so far. Today is the perfect day to be out smoking some meat! I got a wireless meat thermometer at walmart last night for $15. I calibrated it and it was 211 in boiling water so not bad. Brisket has been in for a little over three hours and is at 134 degrees.

Brisket with the rub on it before going into the smoker:

Brisket in the smoker:

More pictures to follow
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Better Late than Never!

Sorry it took so long for me to post, but here is the finish product. I ended up eating it for lunch with Dutch's Beans for 4 days last week. I loved it!

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Looks really good. How long did it end up taking?
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I had projected that it would take around 9 hours. I ended up having to battle the elements because it became pretty windy about half way through the smoke and I had trouble maintainting my temperature in the smoker. So it took around 11 hours total!
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PA Smoker, that looks really gooood!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks really good,
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