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sealant question

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so i used the stove adhesive to attach my fire rope last weekend and by morning it had just fallen off. i went to the hardware store and found both high heat mortar and fire stop silicone. does anyone know which i should use?? both are made by DAP. the fire stop says not to use on stoves or fireplace that recieve constant high heat. well my chargriller is only a smoker, i grill on a weber kettle so the temps are never more than 300* tops but consistantly 225* to 250*. if anyone has any ideas please let me know i am smoking some ribs tomorroe afternoon and need to get this done by then... thanks guys
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yep, that adhesive always breaks loose. Used it on mine, against my better judgement.. then used high heat rtv silicon from menards... works great.. good luck.
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oops, guess i did not really answer your question...use the silicone... the morter wont have as much flex, similar to the cement that comes with the rope.
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great thank alot. i hope it sets in time for tomorrow afternoon. it's kind of rainy and cloudy here
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Hey Grindstaff3, I used a red, high temperature silicone gasket sealer, I bought at Wally's about $3-$4 for use on my MES 40 and worked out great. Thanks to a member from the SMF, 2 months later and no problemPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Yep definitely red high temp rtv. Stuck some rope to the back of mien months ago and is still holding good. Sets up fairly quickly too.
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I use Rutland 500º High Heat silicone sealant caulking for smokers, works great. First fridge smoker I made, I used it to attach fireplace gasket rope around the door of the fridge and it was still holding well after 5 years when I sold the smoker.

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