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ECB Air Damper for top?

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Anyone add a cheap air damper to the top of an ECB? anyone know where I can get one? The ones I found on ebay were like $20. thanks!
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Well, you can drill some quarter inch holes, the cover it with a small sheet of aluminum secured with a stainless steel screw and nut. that's what I did. As it swivels on the screw, it will either cover all the holes of just a certain amount of them depending on the position of the aluminum.
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Yeah, I saw someone do it with a pie tin. I guess I'm just trying to be fancy! :p
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I did what Richtee said with a piece of roof flashing. It works just fine.....wink.gif

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Where IS that post EME? I looked for it... you know? Post the guy a link?
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OOPS.......My bad......meant to say, I did what Flash said...PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
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That's it, though much prettier than mine PDT_Armataz_01_04.gifwink.gif
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I just did mine out of some old duct sheet metal. Pop riveted them on.
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Binkmann must be reading the forums because the new ECBs come with a vent in the lid. $36.00 what the heck and you will have two.
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Mulepackin, I like how you did yours.

I'm not going to spend $36 on a lid when i can walk into a local Lowe's and buy a new one for $48. I'll have to look to see if it has the air dampers on the new ones they have in stock. I was hoping to find one for like $11 shipped.
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Here's another suggestion.

Not sure if it would catch fire, but that's what aluminum foil is for...right?

I think adding a ventilation hole to the firebox would be more beneficial. From my experience with the ECB, those things aren't sealed tight and have no problem with exhaust.

The ECB can present issues with the ash build up in the coal pan. For that, some type of hole to allow the ashes to fall would be advisable. I have used a coal grate that fits the tiny Weber Smoky Joe with decent success.
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Yeah, i added a charcoal grate some time ago. It made a HUGE difference. I just ordered the damper for the top. I forgot the top doesn't seal that great. oh well! Anyways, I have a plan for the ULTIMATE ECB. I'm waiting for parts to show up....stay will be posted!!! PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif lol
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I agree the top doesn't seal well at at all, but I want to control my air flow,so thats why I added them. I'm even considering adding a stove gasket at the flange where the lid meets the body to tighten things up. TN-BBQ, how are you suspending your charcoal grate off the bottom of the coal pan? I am using a Smoky Joe grate too, but it will fit tight against the bottom if I don't prop it up with something. I am just using a few pieces of angle now, but have considered adding some brackets or something an inch or so up, to set the grate on. I also added lots of holes to the pan for airflow and even more ash fall.
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I used some bolts I bought at the local hardware store to suspend my smokey joe charcoal grate. I got the idea from here.
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