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My UDS smoke

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This is the first chance I've had to try out my UDS....
Here is a link to my UDS build....http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...ad.php?t=16850

I fired it up with all vents open....

Seasoned up a hunk-o-pork.....

Made some twice baked tatoes, seasoned up some bella mushrooms and a split leek.

After the pork had smoked awhile, I added the veggies.

Took the veggies off after about 35 minutes.....

Smoked the meat at 250 the whole time...

Pulled the pork out at 180, covered and let it sit.

I love my little side table, it's really handy....

Supper....with leftovers to last me awhile. :)

I'm very happy with the UDS, It worked great for me.
Forgot to say, I used hickory. The whole smoke was faster than I had planned, about 8 hours. I think I'm gonna like this little cooker. :)
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Very nice.........as always. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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wow!!! that is a great set upand a great looking smoke...

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Seriously good stuff there! Take those leeks and make a smokey onion soup!

As always perfect food!
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Impressive looking smoker and meat! Hope it treats you well.
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Thank you Joe, Fireguy and Vlap! I think I'm going to like this smoker.

Vlap, smoked leek soup, now that sounds awesome!!cool.gif
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Thank you Downstate!
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Very nice job Cowgirl, the more of those drums I see the more I think there will be one in my future just for fun.
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Great deal Patty! I always love your qview too - the way you give us a meal presentation laid out on a plate.
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super looking vittles there cowgirl!!! yea i need another cooker like i need another hole in my head,but i'm sure thinking of building one of these,reckon how many 6-7 lbers could you get in one of those? great pics by the way

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Thank you Dale, Seboke and DADDIO!

I plan on this being my last smoker build....well it should be. lol
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It is the last... till the next one biggrin.gif
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That sounds about right Vlap! biggrin.gif
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how many 6-7 lb butts could you get in one of those cowgirl.
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I'm guessing about 4 7lbers. Not sure if 5 would fit.
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now see.....that's another good incentive to build one!!! lol like i need more incentive!!wink.gif
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SUCH a prim an' proper smoker, that Cowgal! :{) Beautiful!
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Ya need to build one DADDIO. They are very affordable and easy to put together!smile.gif
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[quote=Richtee;211184ISUCH a prim an' proper smoker, that Cowgal! :{) Beautiful![/quote]
LOL...Rich, I'm not sure about the prim and proper part, but thanks!
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if i drag one more smoking anything up around this house my ol lady is gonna have my butt in a smoker!!! if it even looks like i could build a fire in it she starts getting a bit nervy now!! lol
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