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Newbie in NJ

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Hi all! Been reading the forums for weeks now and have been thinking about smoking meats as a new way to spend some great time outdoors! You guys have a great thing going here and glad to join and learn from the "real" outdoor cooks! Been cooking for many years but new to smoking.
Investigated various smokers and for starting out as a newbie, just purchased the GOSM(small) at Walmart- thought about others but thought I would start there( almost went with WSM but felt the GOSM may be OK to begin with and get more experience smoking.
Looking forward to getting it seasoned, and then will ask you guys for any advice as I make the first pulled pork smoke!
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welcome to the smf. youll be hooked in no time
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You are going to like the GOSM but you will wish you had got a bigger one. Welcome aboard.
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Where at in NJ, I'm in Hamilton.

i went with the CG Smokin Pro myself. Good luck in your smoking endevors.
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Welcome RT... You found the spot to get you to pitmaster level in the shortest time with the least ooopses! :{)
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Welcome to the forum rt!
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Welcome aboard. Where in NJ, I'm on Long Island here. (Western Nassau).
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Welcome to the addiction biggrin.gif
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Welcome to the forum! You'll notice a big change in how you approach the meat department now!
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Welcome to SMF! Check out the pulled pork stick in at the top of the pork forum.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome to the forum.

You will like the GOSM
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Nothing wrong with the GOSM. Gives ya something to buy later when your a pro. Good luck.
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looking forward to this weekend

Plan to get some wood chunks and season by Sat and then get a good smoke going!. Thanks for the good words and welcoming! May have some questions re set up and seasoning but have been through the posts enough to get that done. Then will hit Costco for some pork, ribs and trimmings.
Do yo recommend any wood chunk brands and also I know I will purchase a remote thermometer as well. Not sure wich one but one that would tell me the temp of the smoker and also the meat would be ideal. I will review more of the posts on that and be on my way.BTW, I'm in Central NJ, north of Princeton
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welcome to smf, what they akk said is correct!!!!!
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I have never seen it, but apple is the best I have had on pork. Hickory is my second choice. You should be able to find some apple at a local orchard or neighbor's back yard...heh. a few smaller dead limbs would work!

Look for a dual probe model then. Several are out there- search thermometers on here for recs. I use a couple single Mavericks.
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