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Shrimp Parmesan

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This was basically a test using instructions from the smoke chef! Thanks Chef but they look HUGE to me.
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I had the same trouble

Hey Dingle... These shrimp look awesome!!!

As for the pics, I had the same trouble at first. I think it may be the section you are selecting once you click on the blue "create html" button. I think it should be the third box down. Keep trying. I think you will like it once you get thumbs to work. I've got some posts in the "test section" of where I wasn't getting it right at first. Maybe that will help some how?
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That looks fantastic Dingle!!
What did you use for the sauce?
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I must know...

My daughter went vegetarian on me...how did you make that??? It looks great!!!

Sob....how could she do that to me....I had to smoke veggie burgers this weekend...can't believe my smoker didn't spit it out!! LOL!!!
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ok, seriously drooling now!!!!

note to self: do not look at smf just before heading to lunch!
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Chef-Thanks for the compliment and the help. I'll keep trying and get it right. Just like smoking right?

KC-Believe it or not, due to time constraints, it's just your basic canned sauce. Still tasted outstanding due to the smoke flavor.

Shorts-I read in a previous post that your daughter did that to you. How dare her!! JK I'm sure she will snap out of it. As for your smoker....LMAO!
If you look back to my Daddy's day smoke post, I did the play by play for ya. very basic actually. I would post the link but havent figured that out yet. Thanks everyone! Once again....I love this place!!
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Hey thanks Dingle! Reread the post I flew right over that! I don't think she's going to change....sob again!!! Yeah I can just picture the smoker spitting it out!!!
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Dingle, I just licked my monitor. If that taste half as good as looks it must be awsome. I will have to show my other half this smoke. Thanks for the Q-View!
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DINGLE.....dang, that looks awesome! Mmmmmm. I've gotta try that!biggrin.gif
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Hi Patty! Made a little comment to you on my daddy's day post. Would like to try these with some of those "pond shrimp" you have "cookin"!
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biggrin.gif I saw that DINGLE, I think you need to bring your recipes over and I'll provide the smoker and the shrimp.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gifPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Dang it Dingle that stuff even looks better now that I can see it PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Your making me very HUNGRY
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Where did you get the recipe for this?
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And most importantly; Will you share?
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mdgoos, no recipe! Raw shrimp, canned sauce, 4 different cheeses and fresh parsley. Instant goodness! Smoke the shrimp for 20-30min before smothering in sauce and cheese. Then smoke until cheese is melted. Darn those that dont share!!
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Looks great Dingle....One question....did you get them shrimp out of Onondaga Lake?...lol
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NOT FUNNY FRITZ!! I havent eaten anything out of that lake, however I went waterskiing in it once several years ago. That may explain alot!Where ya been? Those are actually 21-25 count purchased bulk from the local Price Chopper! I love there seafood counter.
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Recipe or banned for life from SMF.

You say "sauce"..........cough cough, please expand....

come on, you can't tease us like this. evil evil evil I tell ya!
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Heap, somewhere in there I elaborate and tell you its a basic canned spag...ti sauce. Wish I could say there was more to it. Simple
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We'll drag the details out of him yet.......and nope, I didn't see spagetti sauce mentioned anywhere in the post but here goes my psychic recipe.

I'm guessing a quick 20 minute smoke on the shrimp. I'd go heavy on the smoke in that short a time.

take shrimp and add to heavy cilantro / garlic / italian seasoned spagetti sauce, (note to self - a white sauce would be to die for) layer shrimp / sauce, standard white cheeses in cast iron pan. Put pan in BBQ and bake for 20-30 minutes, more smoke! maybe a bit of pre-cooked pasta in there just for some texture.

I'd finish it under a broiler element in an oven at 350 to brown the top of the cheese and stiffen it up.

Dang, now I'M getting hungry.
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