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Royal Oak Smoker

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Anyone know who actually manufactured this rig. It's an offset type smoker with the external box. Available at Wally World for a while. Much larger and heavier than the Home Depot CharBroils and such...but not necessarily a better unit. Somehow I doubt Royal Oak actually produced this rig. Thanks in advance for any info!

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I have seen em, but not sure who makes em, need to look on the box I guess.

Hey, ya better head over to "roll call" forum for an introduction before ya get teased into submission by millions of members!icon_smile.gif

We just like to make sure we aint talkin to some terrorist or sumtin!eek.gif
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NIce smokein' rig EZ. Welcome.
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No Terrorist here....Just a newbie looking for advice. Will Hit the Roll Call Tomorrow as it is getting late 'round here. Thanks for the welcome...and any advice on the oddball smoker that seems too work pretty well despite it's questionable lineage!
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I considered picking one up, but noticed that the doors didn't seal really well. At least not on the display unit. The steel seemed decent and it felt like a really solid unit. The box claimed that it was designed by the founders of Oklahoma Joe's smokers. Or something like that.

They only ran for $248 here in Topeka. They were out of them after a month. I think they would be a good unit for the guy who is upgrading from electric cheapos, or for the person who isn't sure if smoking meat is for them.
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I see what you mean about the doors not sealing well. However, for some reason this thing uses hardly any wood/charcoal and has NO problem maintaining temps. I could not believe it. I really expected it to be a POS but I have been pleasantly surprised (for the price)...something to be said for LOW expectations, I guess!!!
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well it sounds like you bought one, so lets see some pics!icon_smile.gif I like to see the new kids on the block's new toys too!
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I wish I had picked one up. I don't have an offset and this would of been a good unit to start with.
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Here's a pic or 2 of it in action.

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Just revised the thread with better pics...thanks to all who showed interest and thank to Erain for the help posting DECENT sized pics!
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Good lookin rig. Bought one exactly like it from Wally World about 4 months ago. About the doors not sealing well, I had the same problem. Fixed it right up though using some high temp gasket sealer from the hardware store. All I did was use the Copper Gasket sealer all the way around the doors and any small leaks i found. I then sat some waxed paper over the sealer and then closed the lids. Left it for about 24 hrs and it's as good as new now. Not a single leak except where the damper door is on the side "bad construction. I had to use a razor blade to cut away the excess to make it more presentable though. Also had a tough time finding a cover that would fit. Found one at the oddest place though, Big Lots. and for cheap. Have to keep in touch if you find out anything more about the smoker.
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