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That sounds like a great time. Love the all night cook out!

Out here bug juice is soy sauce biggrin.gif

Can't wait to see pics!
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Hey! Where are the pics???
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Sorry Shell, don't start cook untill the 3rd. I will try to get some pics as the supplies start coming in on monday.
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oops! I thought it was last weekend! Still looking forward to journey!
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Me too... Geez I'd love to do that! I have a 4th party I'm cooking for for a bud, but it's all grilling. Well..ceptin' for the butt and fatties I'm doing ahead of time hehe!
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Sounds like a very ambitious project for a very worthwhile cause. I've done some VFD time, and know very well how those well meaning 20-30 are held together by the 2-3 "glue" members. Points to you, and also looking forward to the qview.
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good luck with this cook. sounds like a blast.
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Chrome stack and all... wow, it's pretty... as a friend of mine says, "I want something like that when I grow up..." wink.gif

Laci looks like a sweetie!
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It is the 3rd on my calendar. PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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