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Smoking chickens (beer can)

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Greetings Smokers,

I am looking to do a smoke for the office. Using a gas grill with a smoker box to do a smoked beer can chicken(s). How many chickens do you all think it will take to feed 18 people (5 females and 13 males; 9 civilians and 9 Marines)?

I was thinking 4 Purdue Oven Stuffers should do the trick. Thanks in advance.
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With that small of a group, I would try to find out if they had any preference (breast, thigh, etc)and try to piece it together from there.

FWIW, I would probably go with 6 birds depending on what you have for planned for sides.
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The sides will include two or three packs of Johnsonville Brats (beer boiled and grilled), baked beans and salads.
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dude.........hey how about maybe instead of fixing all them birds and just fix a HUGE turkey like i did for my mom.......i did it ALSO beer can "like"
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Great idea Dude. But I am limited to the gasser on the rear deck of the office. Typical 2 burner setup. The side dishes are going to be provided by the co-workers
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Gonna be hard to do 4 to 6 birds on a 2 burner since you do not want the birds directly over the fire. Beer can chicken is good and chicken is moist, but don't expect much from the beer in the can.
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I can personally eat half of a small chicken myself. But with the sides you mentioned, I'd guess 6 chickens, big-uns (or equivilent amount of parts) should do ya.
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Yeah, with one of the "sides" being brats, you maybe could drop down to 5 just might have some folks eat nothing but the brats. As cheap as chickens are, no reason to come up short.

Man, that is my kind of party where brats are a side. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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You could also do leg quarters, might be easier to guesstimate what you need. You wouldn't be able to do beer can, but brine them starting the night before and you should be good to go!!! You might want to throw in some extra for those jar heads!!
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PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif Yup , hate to hear about several Marines discussing who's going to get that last peice of chicken PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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