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how do i go about smoking a turkey breast
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this tells you about the brine and the seasoning and the smoke. they are pretty easy to do and have so many different options on how to eat them. i have even taken a breast that i smoked to the butcher and had him slice half of it for sandwiches.
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Above is a post where i brined and smoked a turkey breast. Turkey out of the smoker can be quite tasty!
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Turkey is great on the smoker my family has already told me I will be smoking one and frying one for Thanksgiving. They also said they wouldn't mind samples before then biggrin.gif
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Not necessary to brine either. Especially if you get the boneless Butterball breast, but most store bought birds are already in a brine solution. Plenty of post on here if you do a search.
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Just got an offer from a friend to swap T-Giving turkeys. I'll smoke him one, he'll fry me one. May bump that offer - I'll smoke two so I can keep one!
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What Vlap said.
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