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Greetings from Minnesota

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I am a total newbie at smoking. I don't even have a smoker yet. Well ok I have a little stovetop one that kicks but for potatoes and fish, but nothing bigger.

I'm hoping to hunt one down this weekend though.

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Welcome to SMF! Glad you found us!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Go getcha that smoker girl! We'll be here waiting for ya to help ya along!
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Welcome to SMF. There is alot of good info here and some tasty recipes. I suggest signing up for Jeff's 5 Day Ecourse it contains good info and its free. Good luck finding that smoker this week. If you get stuck and need answers there are alot of good people here willing to try to answer them.
Have Fun and Happy Smoking
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Laura, Welcome the SMF. You have come to the right place to decide on what to buy. Read up and ask questions. Think about things like fuel source, size, budget, what you would like to smoke...
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Hi Laura,
Nice to see so many females getting into smoking!! biggrin.gif
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Welcome Laura. Happy smoker hunting.
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Howdy, welcome.
I'm in EP.
Lived in Minneapolis my whole life and love it.
Had some ribs w Rudolph's BBQ sauce tonight.
Good stuff Maynard!
Glad you joined.

One more thing CUB has a big meat sale this week with lots of buy one get one coupons. Pork Roasts, Beef Roasts, Chicken Legs/thighs. Worth checkin out.
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Welcome to the forum and good luck on finding the right smoker!
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welcome to SMF laura from fellow mn smoker!!!! ck out the ecourse to get started!!!
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Welcome to the SMF, read around the forums and you'll get through the learning curve real quick.
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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I have learned a bunch already. Also last night I scored a ECB for free off of a recycling website. So I now have a smoker.
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Thats great congrats on the smoker now its time to put it to work and reap the rewards. Whats the first smoke gonna be?
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Well I have a bunch of breakfast sausage I made a while back in the freezer, so maybe I'll do a fattie. Otherwise probably pork butt.
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Do both the fatty will be done long before the butt and makes a great snack while waiting
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Welcome Laura to the most addicting thing since.........well you'll see. Although anyone that shoots trap and knits I think can handle it!! Enjoy your newest addicition
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Welcome Laura!
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Welcome.... Nice find on a free smoker. Now you wont feel bad after two or three smokes when you start thinking you need something bigger. First it's a fatty or a butt. Then it's a fatty and a butt and ABT's. Then it's a fatty for you, and two or three butts for friends and ABT's. And so on and so on...

It's a lot of fun though...
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Welcome Laura cool.gif
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Welcome to SMF and congrats on the smoker..... sure didn't take you long !!!
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