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Fathers Day Smoke! Good Meatloaf!!!

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After a long search I found a meatloaf recipe that looked very good to me. Sunday morning I started out by getting the meatloaf ready and assembling the needed ingrediants for a day of cooking and smoking at dad's.
Once I arrived there the first thing I did was get my new charcoal basket set up and fitting. I was told of and found this basket a lowes for a low price of $7.99. I had gone there to get the pieces to make a basket but the metal I needed was not available and this made life easier. This basket only needs the handles bent slightly to get it to fit in a brinkman vertical smoker. Let me tell you that this basket made my life sooooo very much easier I just can't wait to cook with it more. I barely used any fuel and had all the heat I could stand. It does have a non stick coating that I was worried would burn off so I loaded the basket completely full of charcoal and let that burn hot for a few hours.

Here is a picture of it later once it was ready to cook. Barely any fuel in it and my temps were running at 250 easy.

Once I felt the coating was gone and I could cook in it I added the meatloaf. Here it is a bit into cooking.

While that was cooking I made a butter mixture with chili powder, lime zest, lime juice and S&P. I peeled back the leaves from the corn and removed the silk and then soaked the corn for a few minutes while I peeled the rest. I then brushed the butter mixture onto the corn and brought the leaves back up to cover the corn.

Once the corn was in the fridge I got to work on the abt's. I cut the jalapenos in half lenght wise, filled them with sharp cheddar, wrapped it in bacon and rolled the bacon in brown sugar. YUM!

After the race started I put the chile's into the smoker above the meatloaf with the expectation that the bacon grease and sugar would self baste the meatloaf. It worked! You can see here the fat is starting to drip onto the meatloaf.

Once the bacon was cooked, the cheese melted and the chiles soft I removed them from the smoker and it was time for appetizers. This tray lasted all of 5 minutes and was the source of Dad's only complaint about the meal. Make more next time!

While consuming the app. I went to work on some mac n cheese. Par cooked some macaroni, made a roux with seasonings added, stirred in my milk, slowly added the cheese and finally combined it with the noodles in a lasagna dish. This was topped with bread crumbs and a little xtra cheese. This final dish was then put into a 350 degree oven and baked for 30 minutes. At this point I also got the corn into the smoker.

40 minutes later everything was ready to go. I pulled the meatloaf and the corn.

After resting I sliced the meatloaf. A nice smoke ring was there and it was very moist and tasty!!!

The mac n cheese was setup and good to go. Man it smelled good!
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The final plate!

I think it was a great meal and very appropriate for Fathers Day!
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Man every time I think I got it down, I look up one of Vlap's posts.

Awe inspiring.... <bow!>
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Me too Rich!!
Awesome again Vlap!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I also must give credit where it is due!

Texas Hunter posted the meatloaf recipe.

Cajun Meatloaf..

1 medium yellow onion -- chopped
1 stalk celery -- chopped
1/2 medium green bell pepper -- core, seed, chop
2 green onions -- minced
6 clove garlic -- minced
2 bay leaves
3/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1/2 teaspoon black pepper -- freshly ground
1/4 teaspoon ground cumin
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
1/4 teaspoon Tabasco sauce
2 tablespoons unsalted butter
1/4 cup milk
1/4 cup catsup
1/2 - 3/4 cup bread crumbs -- fine, dry
1 pound lean ground beef
1/2 pound lean ground pork shoulder
2 eggs -- slightly beaten

1. Mix the onion, celery, bell pepper, green onions, garlic, bay leaves, salt, cayenne pepper, black pepper, cumin, nutmeg, Worcestershire sauce, & Tabasco sauce in a medium sized bowl...
2. Melt the butter in a heavy 10 inch skillet over moderate heat.. Add the vegetablespice mixture, & cook, uncovered, for 6 minutes, stirring constantly, until the onions & peppers are soft.. Remove from the heat & let cool until warm to the touch.. Discard the bay leaves. Stir in the milk, catsup, & bread crumbs...
3. In a large bowl, combine the beef, pork, eggs, & the bread crumb mixture.. Pack the meat mixture into a plastic wrap lined, 9? x 5? x 4? loaf pan.. Set in frig overnight to hold its form..
4. Next day remove from frig let set at room temp for a hour before cooking.. Preheat smoker to 275-300. Flip loaf over on to a wire cooling rack.. Set in smoker, cook to a internal temp of 160-165

The mac-n-cheese was from meowey
Meowey’s Macaroni and Cheese


½ lb Macaroni cooked “al denteâ€
3 TBL Butter
3 TBL Flour
2 TSP Dry Mustard
1 TSP Chili Powder
1 TSP Salt
½ TSP White Pepper
2 ½ cups Milk
12 oz shredded cheddar cheese (or any combo of cheeses to your preference)
1 cup crushed Ritz crackers or bread crumbs


Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees F
Mix flour, mustard, chili powder, salt and pepper
Melt butter over medium heat and allow it to foam out
Add flour mix to butter and form a roux, cook 1 minute after roux begins to bubble
Slowly whisk in the milk
Simmer for 10 minutes or until thickened, stirring
Reduce heat to low, slowly add the cheese, stirring to melt, and simmer 1-2 minutes
Combine sauce with cooked macaroni and put in 2-quart baking dish
Top with crumbs
Bake for 30 minutes – let rest for 5 minutes before serving
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Good lookin vittles Vlap. You done a great job. Why don't you take a couple days off an go fishing you deserve it
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Now theres a good idea!!!
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif , that's a good looking dinner for sure!
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WOW , awesome qview PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
Everything looks great , I want to try the corn , but never have , PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
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Looks great, as always.
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wow, great post!!! when you thought the pix said it all, then came the recipie. thanks!!!
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Valp will you adopt me yea I know I'm old but I like good food and fishing biggrin.gif
That looks awesome I gotta try the corn soon
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I keep hoping some sugar momma will see my posts and take me in!
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Great job on the Smoke.. Everything looks great.
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Vlap, never has the phrase "a picture says a 1000 words" been more appropriate. In fact, my stomach is still talking about it.

My big take away (besides the recipes-thx for that) was the basket. Man that's just what I've been looking for.
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That's some good looking meatloaf. I've been doing all mine lately like that and don't know if I'll ever do it again in the oven. Love stuffing them with stuff.

Very Nice!
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It all looks soooooo good. I wouldn't know where to start eating. Nice work.
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Way to go!!!

"After the race started I put the chile's into the smoker above the meatloaf with the expectation that the bacon grease and sugar would self baste the meatloaf. It worked! You can see here the fat is starting to drip onto the meatloaf."

Ya gotta love a man that times things by the NASCAR race that day..
which BTW MY Driver WON!!
Vlap, I am loving your cooking!!! That all looks so yummy....I think there may be room on here for a meatloaf thowdown.....

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Nice Vlap. Dat stuff is killer looking.
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I was happy to see Dale win as well!!! Good race and I finally got to sit down for the last 20 laps...

Meatloaf show down eh? icon_smile.gif
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