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Infrared Thermometer

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Has anyone tried one of those infrared gun-type, point and shoot with the laser, thermometers to measure smoker temps? I'm looking for something to give me accurate smoker temps for my GOSM. I don't trust the one on the door. I see Harbor Freight Tools has one of the infrared guns for $40. I've heard they are very accurate, but was wondering how they would work on a smoker. Maybe shoot the laser into the top vent. Any thoughts?
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Shoot the laser into the top vent and hit what? A grate, the food, the burner???
Pick up a digital for a third of the price, heck, get 2..wink.gif
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I have one. Fun little thing to have around, but I didn't find it to be of much use for smoking personally.
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I point mine at the wimmen walking by... I find it novel but useless too LOL!
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