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Great Lakes region Kroger- Sockeye!

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Wild caught Sockeye salmon $12/Lb. I have ordered it before in 10 Lb. lots for $10, but for a small quantity, this ain't bad.

If you never had Sockeye... try it...I think it's the best there is.
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You hit the lottery?? wink.gif
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Have you ever had any spring Chinook?
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WOOOOOOOOOOOO! Is $10 a lb good?!?!? Is that like the fillet mignon of fish?
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It is the filet salmon, It is one tastey fish grilled, smoked or baked.
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For you Michigan guys close to Port Huron they have an excellent fish market over in Sarnia. It will be just south of the casino on the river. I have a friend who goes over and buys his there all the time. There is also another fish market in Pt. Huron on the Black River I think its on Water street off tenth street. You might find some better buys there then Krogers.
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I live in Ft Lauderdale Florida and I just bought Sockeye Salmon for $4.99 a pound for the whole fish at the meat store called Penn Dutch. I use the head and bones for my crab traps. They also had the fillets for $6.99. It will be sold out this wekend, then the Coho Salmon comes in on the 15th of August. I got to talk to the buyer they pick up 2000 pounds every other day at the airport overnighted. They order about 16,000 pounds of the Sockeye every year from a proccesor in Brisol Bay. Some of my friends that have freezers order 100 pounds I normally get 40 pounds. Hope this helps anyone in my neck of the woods.
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FYI - around here it's about $8 right now... and may still drop a bit...
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