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Too much smoke!!! Help me out please.

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Ok this is only my second post here and I hope to get some help. I have the Kenmore upright propane smoker and this weekend I did my first smoke on it. I cooked up some country style ribs and some ABT's ... now while they came out great (my wife had no complaints) I realized that there was a little bit too much smoke taste to them.

I fired up the smoker, let it heat to 250* and then threw in my chips that had been soaking for about an hour. I'd say for the first hour to hour and a half I had a nice TBS rolling, and then outta no where the smoke erupted and was blowing not real heavy white but definitely not TBS.

Now I've read that on the GOSM, people say to pack the box real tight full of chips or cover it with foil and poke only a few holes to deter from flare ups. When the white smoke rolled I opened the door to make sure that wasn't the case, and it wasn't. The chips weren't on fire they were just heavily smoking? I took the box out because I didn't want to completely ruin the meat but I think (IMO) it was already to late.

SO sorry for the long read but what is the ultimate trick to prevent the heavy white smoke and to keep the TBS rolling!

Thanks everyone!

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Try some chunks rather than the chips. Use a couple of chunks and I use two unlit charcoal bricketts that will eventually light and help with the smoldering of the chunks. If you load the firebox with wet chips you get what you describe.
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Don't soak the chips, just prolongs the inevitable.....smoke!
Try chunks next time for a longer, sustained smoke.
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The first hour what you saw was probably steam. Once the water was driven off, the smoke took over. Unfortuanately, I can't help with fixing it on a GOSM, but I suspect like bubba says, chunks are better.
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I have a GOSM and had the same problem using chips. I started experimenting with larger chunks and found that cured the problem. I make my own with my band saw cutting them about 3 inches square. I use 2 of the larger 3 inch chunks and a couple of smaller ones. Hope this helps...
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crockadale - your saying to add a few charcoal briquettes into the chip box as well, and let the heat from the propane burner ignite them? Wouldn't I then have to be worried about a temp spike?

bbq bubba - I do have to get some chunks, unfortunately I only had chips and I was itchin to fire up the new smoker. My other worry is that most of the chunks I see are rather large so I guess that's where the chip box may have to be replaced for the coffee can deal or something along those lines.

packplantpath - I didn't even think about steam, and now that you say that I bet your right. I just figured throwing in the chips dry they would flame up right away and cause more problems.

Thanks guys ...
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Not much of a spike would be created by two briquets

I use an old frying pan that lost its handle and lay the chunks in the pan. you can always wack on the large chunks and cut them down to a more managable size if to large.

Chips do tend to catch on fire, whether soaked or not.
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Don't worry, the next time is always better.
except when it isn't.

Good luck next time!!!
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I had the same issue with my Perfect Flame and switched to chunks of wood and it solved the issue.
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Yup, I'm going to switch to chunks and see if that helps. It probably didn't help that I was using Hickory either, Hickory already has such a strong flavor to it .... oh well, the meat still came out good (it wasn't bitter or anything) and like I said the wife was floored with the taste. But to me it was a tad bit too smokey!!

another question though if you don't mind ... let's say you load up your box with a few chunks and within a couple hours you find they are pretty much toast, you still have a few hours on your cook. Do you load up a few more chunks or just continue without "smoke" at that point? I've read of people doing both.
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Just add as they burn off. the charcoal bricketts help with burn off of wood and will not spike your temps.
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Ok cool. Thanks everyone!

I just ordered some nice wood chunks online since I can't seem to find crapola but hickory and mesquite around here. I ordered two bags of Maple and a bag of Pecan (they were out of Apple). 4th of July will be my next cook and I hope it comes out good.

If anyone is wondering about the cooker itself, it's the Kenmore propane smoker that Sears sells and I'll tell ya this thing holds temps very good, I am very pleased with it.
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If you are worried about oversmoking, just fill the box once. Once you've seen how they come out that way, add more to your taste.
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Once you meats reach 140º internal, you can cut way back on the wood.
Nothing wrong with hickory either. If your tasting too much smoke, your using too much wood.
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I filled the box once and then after that I let the country ribs cook for another hour or so and then filled it about half way up again. The ribs came out excellent but like I said they were a bit smokey IMO. I may just be used to using my Chargriller with the side fire box where the smoke is of course not as direct as it is in this upright smoker, but I am definitely going to cut back the next time I smoke to maybe just one box of chips and see how that turns out.

and no there is nothing wrong with hickory, it just can be very overpowering at times.
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jermz I switched to apple/alder and took alot of the strong smokey taste out of my butt's. That is what I am going to use from now on. I used a 8x8 alum. pan with two or three chunks then cover with foil and poke three or four holes in it and it goes for a good while. Just my 2 cents worth, hope it helps some....
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I just ordered up 3 bags of chunks, 2 maple and 1 pecan ... unfortunately the place I ordered from was all out of Apple at the moment but said as soon as he get's it in he will email me and send me a free bag (long story). I have only ever smoked with Hickory and Mesquite, while there is nothing wrong with those flavors you have to be real careful because they are very strong.
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You probably were looking at steam. If you have a flareup, the temp will usually spike. Keep an eye on the cabinet therm when you're not sure. I also would try using chunks.
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I use to use apple but moved south and not as available. Pecan is now my most used wood with oak. If you wrap your meat in foil after a few hours you will stop taking on so much smoke also. I usually wrap after 4 hrs of pecan and finish to internal temp.
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I have a GOSM, use alotta hickory, I also use a 9x9 pan which I put chunks in when I have them er chips of my own makin. I cover the pan with aluminum foil an poke bout 3 ta 5 holes in to help control the smoke, when my smoke starts ta die off, then remove the foil, shake the pan an reinsurt inta the smoker. This is what works fer me.
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