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Father's Day Meat Fest

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So for Father's Day I thought I'd really crank up the new smoker. I planned on 3 full racks of baby backs, about 14 or so plump drumsticks, a Fatty (stuffed w/ red peppers, onions and Monteray Jack) and some ABTs. As usual, I got so in the "zone" while BBQing that I forgot to take pictures. Likewise, when the frenzy of pulling everything off for service came, we dove in rather than snap pics. I gotta work on that...

The ribs were spectacular. I slathered them in yellow mustard and coated them generously with my standard rub at about 6:30 am. They went on the smoker at around 10. Went with the 3-2-1 method, using apple juice during the foil wrap. I lightly brushed them just at the end with some homemade BBQ sauce, then spritzed them occasionally with a little beer. Wow!

The drums were simply brined in the a.m. and went on rather naked. I went with a light apple smoke and then brushed them as well with the sauce. As described above the Fatty was stuffed and cooked up nicely. I'll probably experiment with some more "exciting" stuffing next time, but it was still tasty. The ABTs are always stellar and went fast. I did them indirectly on the grill, since there was a lot going on in the smoker and didn't want them in the way.

Here's the money shot of the smoker in action. Next time I have to remember to reach for the camera more.

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Hey Phil, looks like yer getting the hang of it. And yeah... ABT's seem to just evaporate. Can't figger out where they get to, but get they do! Possibly next to all the single sox somewhere?!?
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Looks like your Fathers Day smokin went well also, Great lookin viddles friend !!!!!
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