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Hey y'all from a newbie here from Central Western Florida!

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Y'all can call me Joe,

I've been grilling for 40+ years. The better half came home with and ECB Smoker recently To my surprise and somewhat delight, Brinkmann has made some small, but useful improvements to their deluxe model. I've taken pictures and shall post them once this digital camera gets it's software completely installed on this laptop.

I've purchased a stovepipe charcoal starter, natural charcoal, hickory smoking chips, a metal watering can with as long and thing a sport as I could find.

My first attempt is at an 8lb. Boston Butt. At 99cents a lb @ Winn Dixie, I figured I had little to lose. It's been coated with mustard and rubbed with a favorite rub of ours, and left to marinate, covered for 6 hours in the fridge.

Complete pictures of the Brinkmann Model 852-7080-E and my inaugural experience into the art of smoking meats to follow.
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Welcome to the forum hope that you will be willing to share some of the experience that you have gained with the rest of us.
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Welcome to SMF Joe. Hmm good to hear Brinkmann has made some improvements... maybe they have been reading about their shortcomings on here! Heh.. Enjoy your time here!
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The bottom (ash pan) has a 1" hole in it's center. Whether or not this is of any significant benefit.
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Welcome to the SMF Joe! The Florida gang seems to grow every day now, maybe soon we'll catch up with Iowa from thier recent surge! Glad to have you aboard!
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The necessary accessories:

*long spouted watering can
*NATURAL charcoal
*Stove pipe charcoal lighter
*wood chips, estimated quantity need was soaked for 2 hours before adding to fire.
I also had some quite dead live oak (long burning) and a few pear tree branches that were green, but easily broken and arranged in the fire pan.
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I've already installed the handles and rack brackets.

As you can see here; the bottom of the ash pan now has , and a pre-drilled hole in it's center. Instead of the backwards-looking legs that mounted outside it, short legs were spot welded to it.

The charcoal pan has a logical-looking vent design. I'm wondering though, if there will be come ash pan drilling and a draft controller addition to this unit?

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In goes the water pan, followed by the 2 cooking racks. The entire interior including racks, and the dome, was given a coating of vegetable oil, then assembled.

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I tested the temperature of the fire for 2 hours with my digital wireless thermometer. With only 4-5 lbs of charcoal in the pan, I was getting a 350F reading quite steadily. Once it got won into the 280's I added my mustard & dry rub marinated Boston Pork Butt to the shelf nearest the water pan.

1st refill: I added some very seasoned oak branches before dumping 3-4 lbs of charcoal from the stovepipe starter.

I woke at 4:00am to a nearly extinguished fire. NO worries; I just got some charcoal going, filled the flowering pot water container, and added some hickory sticks wrapped in aluminum foil and topped it with the white hot charcoal before placing the smoker pack on top of it, and adding the necessary water.
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The Boston Butt is lookin' good!

I've turned it over, and cover it up once again.

Now, my thermometer is in the Boston Butt. What do you recommend I bring the internal temperature to for succulent, fall off the bone, but not dry pulled pork?

Hope my pictures helped or entertained some of you.

Thank you for your warm welcomes! I look forward to your replies.

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Nice...! Take it to 190°+, or grab the bone. If it SLIDES out yer done :{)
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Thanks Richtee, I shall bring the internal temp to 190F then. sir.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Ah, there IS a requirement to over-serve one's self with the appropriate brew once the pork is done, right?PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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For me , generaly once the prep is done , smoker to temp , and the meat is on I usually try to make a to the smoke gods . Then try to repeat the sacrifitial following most steps along the way , like spritzing , foiling , adding wood , and also a blessing for each chimney of charcoal to help insure that it burns well icon_smile.gif

Others just have one or two and scale apropriatly to keep the flow even and well paced.

Of course your milage may vary , and like any recipie , adjust for your own tastes icon_smile.gif
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Welcome aboard and good looking mods and great looking grub..................
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The finished product. 14 hours of smoking. The Italian sausages were put in the smoker about 3 hours before the Boston Butt was done.

Thanks for all your help! I look forward to enjoying your smoking experiences as wellPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Hey Joe and welcome. Where are you at in FL? I'm in Crestview Fl.
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Hi Joe welcome to SMF from another West Central Florida boy. Looks like you jumped right in with that new smoker. Congrats on some good looking grub.
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Welcome to SMF . you have the same ecb as me , they cook great ! Just keep water in the pan , and charcoal in the bottom . Great looking q-view too.
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I'm close to Inverness. Citrus Co.PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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Joe watch that smoke wouldn't want ya to smoke me out over in Crystal River biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif
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