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Pre Fathers day Smoke ( shoulda got more meat)

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Well went to Meijers friday night to shop for groceries, and really needed to get some lump and a chunk of meat to smoke. I didn't really like what they had to offer pork wise so looked at the beef section. You just dont see brisket in the stores around here and the chuck roast didn't look good so I came across an eye of round or a round tip roast cap off, which is what I ended up getting. It weighed 3.8 lbs. and very little fat. So it looked like a challange to use the low and slow with TBS and everything I have learned here to break this very lean hunk of meat into a tender treat. Now if I were to roast this cut of meat in the oven I would of brought it to 140 degrees and called it good, but it would of most definitly been one tough peice of meat. I followed everything I have learned on this forum just like trusting a compass and was shooting for 170 degrees, foiling and in the cooler for a few hours. Like I said it was only 3.08 lbs so I didn't even put it in the smoker till noon on sat. Let this be a lesson for those who ask about how long will this or that take to smoke, it definetly is all about temp. I only bought a 10 lb. bag of lump, after all it's just three pounds. hehehehe.

I decided to Insert garlic and simply season with onion salt and course ground black pepper only.

and then wrap with bacon because it was so lean.

And there were a few on chat asking about the smoker so here is what it looks like.

After getting the temp up in the smoker and holding steady I set the meat in right at noon. I don't ever recall experiencing the dreaded plateau on any butt or even the last brisket point I did or just never noticed anything out of the ordinary. But here is the meat after two hours and mopping time. I made up the mopping sauce using worch. sauce, water, honey,ketchup, garlic powder and seseme seed oil. no recipe just by taste. and it was GOOD. I may as well tell you now I ran out of sauce and had to make some more good thing I wrote down the ingredients anyway.

And like I said 10 lbs. of lump 3 lbs. of meat. Meat 8 bucks lump 6 bucks. after 4 hours I hit the stall at 148 internal, and it stayed that way for 3 hours but then finally it went to.......................147 I was holding the smoker at a steady 230 the whole smoke. then every 10 secs for maybe 10 mins. it was 148, 149, 148, 149, 148, 149, I thought perhaps I pinched the wire because there ain't much room to get it between the lid. While I was waiting I tried to capture a shot of the TBS. But I don't really see it in the pic.

Well it finally hit 150 and then 151 and I ran out of lump. I was shooting for 170. So I foiled it up at 151 and stuck it the preheated 230 degree oven in the house. I wanted to slice it so planning on 195 and then to the cooler for at least a couple hours, it hit 195 at 10 PM. Well my trust in what I have learned here and patience was very rewarding ( very rewarding indeed ) had to throw that in for tip. This very lean meat was as tender as could be, the low and slow, the tbs and the knowledge learned here is what made it that way. Thanks SMF.

And so here is the beast.

And the smoke ring.

Oh yeah I sliced it at midnight. It had about a cup of juice in the foil cept I didn't realize my foil was leaking so lost about half on the stove top. I should of left it on the sheet pan. Next time.

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Great post WC!! Wish I had points left today to throw at you! I owe ya!!! NICE smoke ring too.

Are ya hitting the right link in photobucket? Don't know why your pics wouldnt post. I have noticed that if I edited a post, the pics would go away and leave a link, but not all the pics...
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Looks great and wow nice smoker PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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White Cloud
Great pics, I did not give you any rep points, but did give some to your smoker and camera !!!
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well thanks moss, smoker will be proud................................
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that could be I edit just about everything.
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Type slower Bro! And use spell check before submitting!
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great lookin smoke wc!!! thanks for sharing the qview!!!
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Thanks Piney for helping me out with the posting of pics problem.
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yeah, I should slow it down abit
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Looks awesome White Cloud! I sure do love your smoker...sweeeet!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks Patty I love this smoker. I need to try the cold smoke side, maybe in the fall.
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bump for the heck of it
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